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  • Date Updated: July 16, 2018

In the market today there are a lot of action games and role-playing. These games have always received great attention from the player’s thanks to the system graphics and true beauty. But action and role-playing games with 2D graphics still have a large audience for simple and entertaining gameplay. Today, we will introduce you to new action and the role-playing game released in the market called Metal Commando. The game was released by TZN Studio; this is a rather strange game with many players. Their games do not have a lot of originality to attract players, but they are hard at work on their products. Therefore, Metal Commando for iOS promises to be an action and role-playing game promising to be a lot of players interested. Let’s find out about this fascinating game.

Metal Commando Squad Metal Shooter 2


Entering Metal Commando APK Download, you will be immersed in a special soldier. You will perform different tasks assigned by your superiors to protect people from evil forces. The game is divided into different difficulty levels for the player to pass. Players will face a lot of different enemies in each level hard to complete their mission. You will have to destroy all enemies that appear on the screen of the device. Enemies will be equipped with modern weapons and are much more dangerous in higher difficulty levels. Players need to perform the most appropriate manipulation to avoid attacks coming from enemies and destroy them.

Metal Commando Squad Metal Shooter 3

Also, players will face bosses that have enormous power after defeating all the enemies on the map of the game. You will have to make the same basic rules as other role-playing games such as avoiding boss attacks and attacking their weaknesses so that they can be won easily. This is a trick where all the role-playing games nowadays can be applied, and this game is no exception.

Metal Commando Squad Metal Shooter 4

Upgrade your power

After completing the difficulty level, players will receive bonuses. You will use the money you receive to upgrade your weapon. Your weapons will become much stronger after each upgrade and help you kill enemies faster. If you want to find a bigger source of power, then you can buy new weapons in the game store. You can also upgrade the weapons you purchase to get even more power.

Metal Commando for Android/iOS – Gameplay

2D graphics

Metal Commando Mod Money is designed with very sharp and beautiful 2D graphics technology. Developers take good care of their products so that players can have the best experience. The visual effects in the game are also very eye-catching design. The sound of different weapons and the sound of the character is very clear.

Metal Commando Squad Metal Shooter 5

A new choice!

On the market today there are a lot of action games and role-playing 2D graphic designs. Metal Commando can be a new choice for players when they want to find a game that possesses beautiful graphic design and various difficulty levels.