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  • Date Updated: March 6, 2019

For classic games that are familiar to everyone, Metal Slug is one of the famous games and is associated with the childhood of many people around the world. This game brings lots of challenges and creates lots of exciting emotions for everyone. If you are a fan of this series, you can not ignore the completely new mobile version called Metal Slug Infinity. This is a version developed specifically for mobile platforms.

metal slug infinity 2

Famous game

They are developed based on Metal Slug released by SNK Playmore. Metal Slug Infinity for iOS produced by ekkorr will bring you familiar and addictive experiences. Compared to the classic version, this new version has been modified and upgraded to bring new experiences for everyone, instead of controlling characters to participate in fighting in many different missions. Players will summon different types of soldiers to fight. Overall, you will experience Metal Slug in an attractive strategy style.

metal slug infinity 3

Attractive battle

Replacing the familiar RVR gameplay is an attractive strategic element. You will join in battle with various types of soldiers such as infantry, tanks, artillery and many other powerful weapons. You need to create many wise strategies to use soldiers when fighting. You have to deal with a lot of different enemies including rebels, zombies, mummies or aliens. Each enemy will have different weaknesses, so you need to summon different types of soldiers to be able to quickly defeat the enemy.

Metal Slug Infinity for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Your battlefield is very diverse with many different levels. Each level will be designed with its enemies, so you need to arrange the battle line properly. Each mission will have a limited time to perform. You need to quickly destroy the enemy base in the time allowed. If the duration of the mission has expired and the enemy base has not been destroyed, the mission will fail. Pay attention to the timing of the task, then come up with many smart strategies to win.

metal slug infinity 4

Enemies will not let you easily complete the mission, and they will attack you violently with a variety of crazy weapons. The battlefield will be fierce, so players need to remain calm so they can summon soldiers and control the battle. Collect many types of soldiers with good fighting ability and upgrade them regularly to gain more advantages than enemies.

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Metal Slug Infinity APK Mod retains the style of the classic version, and these images have been upgraded to be more lively. The effects of weapons shown beautifully will create a chaotic battlefield; helping you get more exciting experiences — beautifully designed character details with various costumes and weapons to help you get more fun.

metal slug infinity 1


If you love the challenges of the classic Metal Slug, you will surely be surprised to experience this fascinating mobile version. Metal Slug Infinity will give people a lot of fun and crazy challenges of Shoot ’em up genre. Discover many unique weapons and enemies to enjoy the most exciting leisure time.