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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 118 MB
  • Date Updated: December 8, 2018

Mighty Machines is a unique role-playing game with many fierce fighting activities compared to other games of the same genre. This is a new experience for everyone. You will be brought to a world of unique fighting machines, and you will use them to destroy your opponents. The game is produced by Artifex Mundi, are you ready for a new and engaging fight? Experience real-time, addictive and fun real-time battles with this game.

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The world of fighting machines

Mighty Machines for iOS will bring you to a more fun experience with intense battles and many exciting activities. You will have to build a group using combat vehicles to engage in fierce battles. The game includes many unique activities including fighting, collecting, upgrading and equipping. You will fight with many dangerous opponents to get rewarding rewards. Collect and equip impressive items for your fighting machine, destroy many enemies to receive many rare items.

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Your task in this game is to build a group of different fighting vehicles to engage in intense battles. At the start of Mighty Machines APK Mod experience, you will be guided through some basic operations such as fighting, equipping items and unlocking new combat vehicles. The game has a lot of interesting features for everyone to experience, you will fight with multiple opponents under each wave and must destroy all opponents to win. Complete the tasks required to level up battle vehicles and have the opportunity to unlock a variety of vehicles. All combat vehicles in the game are equipped with a variety of items to increase combat power. The power of all combat vehicles will be arranged by the star, the vehicle with many stars will be equivalent to the ability to fight higher. In particular, you can use the special skills of the machine to destroy the enemy more quickly.

Mighty Machines – Vehicular Combat RPG


Mighty Machines for Android is a role-playing game, but the strategic element in this game is very important, you need to understand the power of the opponent and make more reasonable plans to destroy the opponent. In addition to having a strategy when fighting, you also need to build a proper strategy for fighting vehicles. Prioritize good items for well-equipped vehicles and build a diverse range of combat vehicles to help you have unique fighting styles.

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You will love this game

Mighty Machines has beautiful 3D graphics along with many spectacular effects, the interface of the game is very nice and streamlined. The fierce battle between the machines will make people happy, along with many unique upgrades will make the experience more exciting. The image quality is great and optimized on many devices to provide the best possible experience for the player.