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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 335 MB
  • Date Updated: October 26, 2018

MMORPG is the most popular game genre today. Recently many manufacturers have released many products of the MMORPG category, and these products are a lot of people interested. In this article, I share interesting information about Miracle Origin. This is the most popular MMORPG game of GAMELAND (HK) CO., LIMITED manufacturer.

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The impressive game should not be overlooked

Miracle Origin for iOS is a new product of GAMELAND (HK) CO., LIMITED. The game is built by the manufacturer with the best elements from content, gameplay to sound. Similar to traditional MMORPG games, you will have to select the character in the Class to join the game. The game has 3 Class characters to choose from Berserker, Spellsword, Elementalist. Each Class will have its unique characteristics: skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Which you love most to join the game.

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To experience the game, you will use the game’s virtual key system, just touch the screen of the device being used. Touch and hold to move your character. Touch the other virtual keys of the game to fight, communicate and buy items in the game. The virtual key system of the game is very simple and user-friendly. So, you will quickly get acquainted and relaxed the game experience.

Miracle Origin for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Level up and fight

The game will have many different levels for players to explore. To increase level in the game, you need to perform the tasks that the game requires. When you start playing the game, you will have to do mandatory missions to reach the required level of the game. You will then be comfortable accepting or rejecting the game tasks given to you. Performing quests in the game, you will receive EXP, BONUS, Item. EXP will be used to increase the level of your character. Items will be used for the character. Bonuses will be used to buy items in the store or upgrade the equipment for your character. In particular, the game also offers hidden missions to help you collect Pet. The difficulty of the missions will increase with each character’s level and new locations. Join the game and equip your character with the best items and Pet in the game for you to have the perfect experience.

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The game has two simple battle modes. One mode is PVP, and the other mode is PVE. In PVE mode, you will fight monsters and BOSS in the quests that the game requires. In this mode, you will receive many rare items when performing missions at harder levels. In PVP mode, you will be confronted by other players in exciting battles. Here you will have the opportunity to fight with other players, participate regularly PVP mode and improve your fighting skills.

Graphics and sound

Join the game you will have the opportunity to experience an impressive image quality. The game has very nice 3D graphics and sophisticated. The game is designed with very good image quality. Motion and detail in the game are very stable. The layout of the game is streamlined. The sound of the game is very well prepared. From gentle melodies to epic, you will surely be satisfied. The graphics and sounds of the game will give you the excitement and pleasure of playing the game.

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Miracle Origin is one of the best MMORPGs you have to experience. The game has many impressive features and unique interface. Want to have a unique experience, please click on the share link at the end of this article.