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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 56 MB
  • Date Updated: February 19, 2019

Miracle Pororo will bring players to impressive role-playing challenges. You can experience many missions and exciting battle maps with a series of enemies to fight constantly. GRAVITY Co., Ltd manufacturer, has built unique gameplay and promises to bring many interesting experiences. With idle fighting style, you can freely play this game anywhere.

Miracle Pororo 1

A special game

Miracle Pororo for iOS is an exciting role-playing game when built with a simple control system. Characters will automatically fight, and you have the task to observe the battle to perform many different upgrades. This game does not require players to focus too much on it when their characters fully automatically fight. You will participate in many different battle maps to rescue friends and collect attractive prizes. Defeat all enemies on the way to create many outstanding achievements.

Miracle Pororo 2


The game offers very simple challenges. The character will automatically move and fight with the enemy; you have the task of upgrading the equipment so that the character strengthens continuously. Defeating each enemy helps you get bonuses, use bonuses to upgrade much different equipment and help your character fight better. There is much different equipment for you to upgrade, so you need to watch the battlefield carefully to come up with reasonable strategies. Each equipment will have its advantages to support your character. Therefore, players need a science upgrade plan to be able to defeat many enemies.

Miracle Pororo for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Depending on the purpose of building the character of each person, you can upgrade the equipment with defensive elements to resist many waves of intense attacks of the enemy. Or you can upgrade the attack equipment to improve damage and quickly defeat the enemy. All equipment for the character is available; you just need to choose and proceed with the upgrade quickly.

Miracle Pororo 4

Rescue friends to get new powers

In Miracle Pororo APK Mod, you are responsible for rescuing friends on the way and exploring new areas together. Overcoming stage 100 of the game, you will begin the quest to rescue friends. Each new character possesses special combat skills. Therefore, successfully rescuing a character helps you use the fighting skills of that character. Rescue many different characters; you can use many different fighting skills. Gathering many characters and accumulating various combat skills will bring more interesting experiences.

Miracle Pororo 3


This game will help you relieve stress completely after completing the day’s work. Miracle Pororo with beautiful 2D graphics and horizontal screen movement helps you get more interesting images. Effects of attractive combat skills and many beautiful costumes. A series of Raid BOSS challenges or Soul Gem collection will make you love this game. Quickly download to experience and don’t miss much fun ahead.