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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 79 MB
  • Date Updated: September 16, 2019

Not only famous for anime and manga, but Japan is also famous for its unique Console Game. Besides, this country also owns many interesting games on mobile platforms. Among them, RPG challenges are the most popular and always bring many impressive stories for people to explore. So do you want to explore a famous Japanese RPG challenge and enjoy a high-quality visual system with compelling anime style? The most suitable option for everyone at this time is Mist Gears – an interesting team fighting game.

Mist Gears 2


Mist Gears for iOS will take people to a fantasy world with many mysterious sources of superhuman powers that will surprise you. At this game, humanity is threatened by a strange phenomenon. The haze begins to appear all over the world, and behind the haze are fierce and dangerous monsters. The monsters begin to attack humans, and the fog goes where the humans there are destroyed. Since then, humanity has started to hide in huge citadels to avoid the Mist, and they name this phenomenon Mist. After 70 safety in strong fortresses, Valks Empire has successfully researched and exploited the mysterious powers related to Mist. From there, help humans create many powerful weapon systems and defeat the invading monsters.

Mist Gears for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The fight for the future of humanity

After acquiring powerful weapons, humans began to reclaim lands invaded by monsters. And you are one of the leaders who is sent to regain the world for mankind. Therefore, you must collect many different characters to use in battle and kill evil monsters. Owning many characters with strong fighting ability helps you quickly conquer lands that have been invaded by monsters.

Mist Gears 3

Your combat missions will be prepared for different lands. Each region will possess many missions to perform, and each mission will have its rewards for everyone to collect. Besides participating in combat, players also need to collect items and upgrade fighting skills for their characters.

Mist Gears Mist Gears 4

In particular, this game is also built with a unique comic and novel system for players to enjoy after intense battles. Mist Gears will be arranged in three separate folders: Comic, Game and Novel. With these three attractive directories, everyone will have a great time having fun. You can freely join the battle and upgrade characters to face more dangerous enemies. Or you can explore comic and novel to relax the mind and enjoy many unique stories in a beautiful fantasy world.

Some related information

Currently, the game is only limited to the BETA version and can only be installed on devices using the Android platform. For those who use iOS-based devices, players need to wait a bit longer to experience it.