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  • Date Updated: December 19, 2018

In today’s mobile game market, there are many well-known manufacturers and have released many attractive games. IGG.COM is one of the most popular game makers, and one of their games won Android Best Game in 2017. After the success of 2017, IGG.COM continue to release a new strategy game, promising to bring a lot of interesting experience for everyone. Mobile Royale is an attractive strategy game with great picture quality.

mobile royale 2

A new world

Mobile Royale for iOS will bring people to a new world with lots of exciting and exciting combat experience. With the online real-time strategy element, people will be competing and fighting fiercely on a global scale. Everyone will have to build a strong nation with abundant resources and a strong military force. People will have the opportunity to explore many different areas and experience a variety of fun activities. Fight fiercely and immerse yourself in the lives and competition of emperors.

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Construction and development factors

When you start playing the game, you will be given a base with many unbuilt locations. Your task is to develop the base in the best way. You will go through some tutorials and perform basic actions to get familiar with the game. After these activities, people will easily control and manipulate easier, getting to know the game is very important and should not be overlooked. You will have to build and upgrade many different buildings, build and upgrade buildings that will help you get more valuable resources and help develop the base.

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People will need to build many different works; each will provide you with the necessary benefits. Pay attention to using and storing resources wisely so that your base grows steadily. Upgrade works in a timely and clear plan. The planned upgrade will help you achieve a stable and competitive advantage against other competitors.

Mobile Royale for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Build up the army

In Mobile Royale APK Mod, people will have the opportunity to summon various heroes to use; the heroes will help you fight against many enemies. Summoning, equipping and upgrading regular heroes will help your army gain many good and strong points. In addition to the accumulation of resources, people need to regularly recruit soldiers to create a strong army. Build multiple barracks and recruit different types of soldiers to help your troops have better fighting abilities. Training and upgrading soldiers is an important activity, building a strong army and defeating all enemies.

Global competition

In addition to building and developing bases, people will have to engage in combat and compete on a global scale. You will have to confront many other players, fight enemies to collect resources and expand territory. You will often have to face many different enemies; you need to have good strategies to deal with enemies. Fighting without a wise strategy will make you fail. In particular, people can join a clan or create their clan. Fighting with your allies or friends will help make the game more engaging and give people a more enjoyable experience.

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In brief

With a real-time strategy element, people will experience a lot of exciting activities and intense fighting. Mobile Royale will surely make people happy with familiar gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics. A large battlefield and a fascinating world await you in the forefront.