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  • Date Updated: September 23, 2019

In addition to focusing on designing and publishing many unique games on the PC platform. PC-based game makers are also starting new business strategies by entering the mobile gaming market. This is a huge market that many manufacturers are trying to conquer and gain many benefits for themselves.

mobius final fantasy 2

Among PC game makers that enter the mobile gaming market. SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that is achieving much success with positive feedback from users. They have released various versions of the famous Final Fantasy Series. In particular, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is the most prominent name and brings many attractive entertainment images for everyone. Not only brings many beautiful pictures, but this version is also prepared an addictive story system for people to discover.


MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY for iOS continues to bring people to an impressive world with magical powers and fierce battles. Join the game; you will become a light warrior and task to defeat the evil forces that are plotting to enslave smaller lands. Besides, the game also offers a unique character system for people to learn. Each character will have a separate story, and you will be free to explore many different adventures.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY for Android/iOS – Gameplay

These powerful warriors

For players to participate in the fierce battle ahead. SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. manufacturer, has prepared a diverse character system with many different fighting skills. There are seven different character classes for you to explore: Hunter, Ranger, Dark Knight, Warrior, Dark Mage, Thief, White Mage. Besides the diverse character classes, the game also prepares four unique power attributes for everyone to use during the fight (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth).

mobius final fantasy 3

Compared to the RPG challenges, this game possesses a new and unique battle control system. You will participate in turn-based combat, and each turn allows you to attack enemies three to four times or activate special combat skills. Also, turn-based combat requires the player to have control operations and intelligent calculations. Note, turn-based combat requires people to focus and get calm.

mobius final fantasy 1

Fight and defeat the enemies

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY has prepared the missions and battle system in stages for players to explore. Each stage will bring your enemies and requirements to make. Also, you have to fight with many different types of BOSS to explore more new lands. Each type of BOSS will have their skills and characteristics. Therefore, players need to choose the characters with appropriate fighting skills to defeat the BOSS. Besides, the monster system and BOSS are also arranged in two different types: AR and MR. In particular, characters with good physical attacks will be suitable for monsters and BOSS is rated MR. In contrast, characters with stable magic attacks will be suitable for fighting monsters and BOSS is classified as AR.