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  • Date Updated: July 10, 2018

With Gameloft game fans, they are no stranger to Modern Combat. This is an FPS game that has brought a lot of great success to this manufacturer; the game has also received a lot of love from players around the world. The fierce battles between the task force and the army of terrorists have never stopped. Over the past few years, Gameloft has released the next version of the game called Modern Combat 5. Players will continue to participate in extremely fierce battles, to destroy the terrorists and bring peace to the world. The game supports both popular Android and iOS operating systems, and you can experience this game with ease.

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A dangerous war

In Modern Combat 5 Mod Money, you will continue to be a role-playing soldier. Your mission is to destroy a huge terrorist organization. You will have to complete various missions based on the plot of the game; each task will be a bloody battle between the task force and the terrorists. You will have to destroy all enemies in each battle to get the highest rating coming from the game.

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Also, the game’s feature system is designed to be similar to the previous version so that players have the most familiar experience. The weapon system in this version has also been upgraded by the manufacturer to give players more choice. You can use bonuses when completing difficult levels to purchase different weapons in the game store; each weapon has the strengths and weaknesses that players need to learn. Use different weapons in the right way so they can work best.

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The game’s control system is very intuitive and similar to previous versions of the Modern Combat series. Players will not have much time to learn about how to control the game. But you will still have to practice a lot to overcome the harder levels in this game.

Modern Combat 5 – Multiplayer eSports Shooter

Graphics and sound

Modern Combat 5 Mod Gold is based on a very sharp and realistic 3D graphics platform. Compared with its predecessors, this version is a breakthrough in design and image quality so that players can experience the fierce battle in the most authentic way. All character effects are simulated in real life. The sound of the weapons and the sound of the characters are very honest.

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I like Modern Combat 5!

Modern Combat 5 is the latest and best in Modern Combat series, and I often play this game after stressful working hours. However, the game has a point where I am not satisfied. That’s the power; this is a feature that appears a lot on Gameloft manufacturer’s products, they used this feature to players who want to overcome the difficulty level in the game more difficult. But this is still one of the top FPS games, and we can not deny that.