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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 35 MB
  • Date Updated: July 23, 2019

To bring more fun and unexpected challenges for everyone, Lion Studios producer have successfully combined two unique challenges: shooting and Puzzles into one game. This exciting game is called Mr Bullet, and you will discover many interesting missions. You have the opportunity to become a spy, and your mission is to destroy all enemies present on the map. Your tasks are prepared from simple to complex. Think carefully before taking action to destroy the target because you will be limited to the number of times you use the weapon.

mr bullet spy puzzles 2


As mentioned above, Mr Bullet for iOS was developed based on two familiar challenges for people Puzzles and shooting. You will be given a character and the number of times allowed to use weapons to destroy the enemy. Your enemies are arranged in different locations on the map. Therefore, you need to select the appropriate firing angle to be able to defeat the opponent within the limit of the number of weapons allowed. Besides, your opponents can hide behind many different obstacles. So you have to get smart calculations to destroy the enemy.

mr bullet spy puzzles 3

Control easy to understand and fun

To use weapons and kill enemies, players must touch and hold their hands on the screen to select the appropriate shooting angles. After that, you just need to release your hand to use weapons. With enemies able to hide behind obstacles, you must move your hand on the screen to choose the correct shot angle to destroy the enemy.

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles – Epic Shooting Puzzle Game

The initial levels will bring you simple goals, and you can complete the challenge in a short time. However, more complicated levels will be prepared with many obstacles around your enemies. Therefore, you need logical thinking and scientific control to complete the challenge.

mr bullet spy puzzles 4


Mr Bullet has a diverse challenge system and is prepared according to different levels. Each level will bring the number of enemies to destroy. Besides, you are also limited to the number of times to use weapons to kill enemies. Therefore, players need scientific calculations and perseverance to be able to complete the level. Don’t worry; challenges will not be limited to the duration of the task. Therefore, you can freely think and build different plans to destroy the enemy.

mr bullet spy puzzles 1

In addition to the task of destroying enemies, you can also participate in some other tasks such as rescuing hostages or destroying enemy bases. Each level is an interesting puzzle for you to pass. You can perform shots in a straight line, zigzag lines firing at different instruments to destroy the enemy. In general, there are many different ways for you to overcome the challenges of the game. However, the game is aimed at logical thinking and agile thinking. If you do not have good thinking, you will not be able to defeat the opponent with the number of times allowed to use weapons. At that time, you have to play again until you have completed the current level.