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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 2.1 GB
  • Date Updated: February 2, 2019

The immersive genre games are developed very diverse with many beautiful designs. There are simple designed role-playing games and also more complex designed role-playing games. Intricately designed role-playing games are often focused on building good image quality. Are you interested in immersive genres and do you need entertainment with high graphics games? MT4 – Lost Honor is an attractive answer that you should not ignore at the moment. This game has a sharp image quality that will make you and everyone happy. Besides, it is a sophisticated storyline and creates lots of fun activities.

mt4 lost honor 2

Impressive design with Western-style

MT4 – Lost Honor for iOS is built and developed by EFUN COMPANY LIMITED manufacturer based on many fairy tales or Western myths with many impressive characters. When you experience, you have the opportunity to discover many interesting stories about the Western epic characters. You will participate in many intense battles of different races and countries. In a chaotic context of the world, you will face many dangerous challenges and what will you do to survive? Download and experience to discover your abilities.

mt4 lost honor 3

Diverse characters with beautiful images

To create a fun experience with many exciting activities, the game is designed with eight different character classes. Each character class will be designed with many beautiful costumes and shapes. Each character will come from different races and different countries. With many characters, you will have many unique options to experience. Discover all the characters to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each character.

MT4-Lost Honor – Raid for Honor

Interesting Raid BOSS

You have the opportunity to participate in battle with many different missions; each mission will help you get experience points and good items. In particular, Raid BOSS missions always bring more experience points and more valuable rewards. Therefore, you should join this mode regularly to help your character grow stronger.

mt4 lost honor 4

In Raid BOSS mode, you will fight in groups of many different members. To defeat the enemy quickly and collect many rare rewards, you need to create a powerful team. Your team needs to own many different characters to deal great damage to the enemy. When fighting, your team must use different strategies to defeat the enemy. Because BOSS possesses many special fighting skills if you don’t have a reasonable strategy, your team will be defeated easily and quickly.

mt4 lost honor 5


MT4 – Lost Honor APK Mod in the style of MMO 3D mobile was built with an impressive image background. All details in the game are carefully designed and clear. Beautiful 3D graphics will create more realistic images for everyone to experience. The diverse space of the game helps you discover many lands and work nicely. In addition to the familiar gameplay of the immersive genre, you have the opportunity to experience more than 50 exciting mini-games. These mini-games are also very well designed to give players more unique experiences.

mt4 lost honor 1


MT4 – Lost Honor meets everyone’s entertainment needs with high quality graphics. Gameplay and images are harmoniously designed, you will enjoy the most authentic battles. For players who have high requirements for image quality will be satisfied with this product. You will not be able to find any minus points in this game’s perfect graphics system.