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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 27, 2018

Were you bored with traditional Battle Royale games? Are you looking for a new game to get a new experience? We will bring you a game called – Battle Royal released by Meerkatgames. You will join the fun battle Battle Royale in this game. With fun graphics and simple gameplay, players will have a lot of fun playing the game.

munchkin io battle royal 2

Funny battles

The game takes the player to an imaginary world; you will become a warrior in this world. Your mission is to join the battle Battle Royale to become the strongest warrior. Unlike traditional survival games, you will be presented at a random location on the map of the game. Initially, your character has a fairly low level; you will have to control your character moving around the map of the game to collect gems. These gems will help your character level up; you can add attacking or defending skills to your character to become stronger. Then you can search for other players on the map of the game to destroy them.

munchkin io battle royal 3

Other players will also have the same skills as you, and you will have to manipulate your character in the most skilful way possible to defeat other players as quickly as possible. Your character will receive a large number of experience points when defeating enemies. You will be much stronger when destroying other players on the map of the game. If your character is defeated by an enemy, you will fail and must exit the battle immediately. The game also has many different game modes that you need to explore directly. Battle Royal – Android Gameplay

New character

After completing the match, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the achievement you earned in the match. You can use the bonuses that the game offers to unlock new characters. Each character will own a distinct strength, and players will gain new experiences as they gain control of the new character and join the next battle.

munchkin io battle royal 1

Animated graphics – Battle Royal APK Mod is based on animated cartoon style 3D. The characters are designed very cute, and the player will feel more fun. The character’s movement effects are also displayed in a very smooth way, and you can also see a large area of the game map with a top-down view. The sound system of the game is designed quite meticulous to bring interesting experiences for players.

munchkin io battle royal 4


Overall, you can look for new experiences in – Battle Royal. Moreover, you can also invite your friends to play together for more fun. The hilarious survival battles are waiting for you to discover.