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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 400 MB
  • Date Updated: September 23, 2019

From the daunting and moving challenges of Assassin Creed Series, NetEase producer has released a unique RPG game of their own on the mobile platform. Continuing to explore intriguing stories related to complex assassination missions, Murderous Pursuits will bring players many unexpected journeys in Europe in the 18th century. Compared to Assassin Creed Series Released on PC, this exciting game builds on an easier-to-understand gameplay system. Players still enjoy many unique combat missions but do not need to perform too many complicated operations. From there, you can comfortably explore the game anywhere.

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Time travel

With Murderous Pursuits for iOS, you will be on a unique time travel journey. When Time Travel, you will be taken to HMCS Britannic ship in the 18th century at the invitation of a mysterious man. In addition to you, there are seven other people are back to the past. And you have the task of competing with these seven characters to become a professional killer. In addition to the task of training and destroying on-demand targets, you must be alert to the remaining seven characters and avoid being suddenly attacked by them. If you are not careful and killed by one of the remaining seven assassins, you will have to play again.

Murderous Pursuits for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Complex tasks and smart guys will survive

Assassination missions will not be simple. Each task you take will have different requirements and execution times. Besides, the target will appear in many different locations, and you must find a way to complete the task within the time allowed. Besides, you can only complete the mission after successfully destroying the target and undetected.

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When participating in quests, you need to have focus and agile thinking to have smart battle plans. Good thinking will help you quickly reach the target to destroy and ensure they are not killed by other assassins first. In particular, the missions will take place with limited time. Therefore, you must have a lot of manipulation of character control accurately and quickly.

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Along with the impressive mission system, the manufacturer also built eight different character classes for you to use. Each character class will be designed with their appearance and fighting skills. Besides, each character will suit each different assassination missions. From there, players can complete many different complex tasks and can compete with other assassins.

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Skill system

Similar to Assassin Creed Series, Murderous Pursuits also offers many unique battle skill systems for everyone to use. You can unlock and upgrade combat skills from accumulating bonus points after completing quests. The combat skill system provides you with six different skills. And each mission will allow you to use up to two skills to complete the challenge. From there, players can freely build many fighting styles of their own. However, players also need careful calculations when selecting skills to perform missions. And need smart battle plans to exploit these combat skills effectively.