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  • Date Updated: July 28, 2019

With the continuous development of science and technology, people’s lifestyles also have many changes. In particular, children now have the opportunity to interact with electronic devices quickly and popularly. To help children relax and study, many entertainment programs for children have appeared on youtube. Besides, there are also many unique games for children to explore. However, parents are still insecure with current entertainment games because some games contain content that is not suitable for young children.

My City High School 2

To help children get more opportunities to learn and discover new knowledge, My Town Games Ltd producer has developed a series of unique games with different versions to suit every need. My City is a popular series of games and has gained many downloads globally. The versions of this game will bring many challenges and exciting information to help develop children’s intelligence. And the latest version is called My City: High School. With this version, young children will have the opportunity to discover many useful recreational and learning activities at school.

Opportunities for children to develop thinking

My City: High School for iOS has a simple gameplay system; you can easily relax and guide children in the family. This version will bring many interesting tasks around the school. You can teach your children how to make a teacher or help them discover many attractive extracurricular clubs at school (art, science, martial arts, …).

My City : High school – Your school Your rules!

With the context of the school familiar to adults, you can guide and help children enjoy a lot of fun at school. The manufacturer has prepared many interesting classrooms like real-life schools for everyone to relax. From there, you can guide your child with a variety of activities in the common room like the dining room, the lab, or the gym. Each room will be prepared with many attractive features and challenges for everyone to do.

My City High School 3

Interesting challenges and experiences at the school of the game are relatively diverse. You are allowed to use many different characters in diverse contexts from inside the classroom to the outside play space. With lots of rooms and individual functions, you can guide your child with activities that are allowed and not allowed to be done at school. Since then, children will acquire and develop their own thinking in a stable way. Also, you will feel more comfortable to let children entertain themselves because this game does not have ads or contains inappropriate content.

My City High School 4


My City: High School has easy-to-understand content for children to absorb and explore. Besides, the simple challenges of the game will also give adults memorable memories of childhood. With an attractive horizontal screen motion, you don’t need to have many simple controls. And can easily complete the challenge with one hand.