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  • Date Updated: April 2, 2019

Are you looking for a game suitable for children? Your family already has new young members, and you are wondering how to choose entertainment games for young children? Don’t worry because My Town Games Ltd producer has prepared interesting and very suitable content for children, you can comfortably let your children participate in useful games from this manufacturer. My Town Games Ltd has released a game series called My City, and its latest version is My City: Newborn Baby. Coming to this new version, children have the opportunity to explore a colorful world and simple tasks to study. Also, you can experience with your child when you are free and help children develop better thinking.

My City Newborn Baby 1

A new story to explore

In My City: Newborn Baby for iOS, players are still able to explore familiar care tasks for the character. In this version, you are responsible for taking care of a newborn baby and discovering a mother’s obligation. With the task of taking care of babies, players will enjoy many images outside of reality such as hospitals, daycare centers or supermarkets.

My City Newborn Baby 2

After welcoming a new member in the family, to ensure the health of the baby, you need to visit the doctor’s office regularly to check for the baby. In the doctor’s office, you will learn about the dangers that can harm your baby and how you can protect your baby against dangerous agents. Ensuring your baby’s health is a very important task, and you should pay attention when participating in the experience.

My City: Newborn Baby for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides taking care of your baby’s health, you also have to go to the supermarket and buy essential items for children. There are lots of items you need to buy to take care of babies like diapers, food, cradles, and many other things. Make sure you buy enough baby supplies and ensure a full life for new family members.

Lessons and experiences are drawn from the game

Coming to the true challenges of the game, players will understand the responsibilities and tasks they need to complete when the family has new members. Taking care of a baby is not easy, and you cannot do this perfectly from the first time. You have to go through many different challenges and gain a lot of experience to be able to take care of children in the best way. Besides easy-to-understand tasks for children to explore, this is a suitable game for fathers.

My City Newborn Baby 3

2D graphics

My City: Newborn Baby APK Mod has easy-to-see 2D graphics with beautiful colors. The scenery in the game is built with lots of vivid details for players to explore. In particular, there are many different items in the game that you need to arrange and use. Compared to the old version, the manufacturer has prepared many different characters and costumes for you to use.

My City Newborn Baby 5


My City: Newborn Baby is a healthy and suitable game for families with children. Father and mother can be assured to let children participate in the experience without having to worry about the content that will be in the game. Challenges in the game also help children develop thinking and creativity for themselves. In particular, adults can play with children to teach them the meaning of family.