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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 91 MB
  • Date Updated: August 27, 2018

My Talking Hank is the next virtual pet emulation game of the famous producer OutFit7. To continue the success of virtual cat games like My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom and Talking Tom Cat with over 5 billion downloads worldwide. This is a huge number that has proven to be the epitome of virtual pet play simulators on mobile devices. My Talking Hank APK promises to give the player the unique and exciting experience for the player when he is raising a lovely dog.

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Adopt your virtual puppy

At the start of the game, the player will own a dog instead of the lovely cat as the previous version. Players will take care of their dog to make it bigger. Like other virtual pet games, you will have to perform various tasks such as bathing, pet feeding, pet care as it sleeps … You will have to do a lot of different tasks Make your pet feel fun and comfortable. The game will provide a lot of different options for players to take care of their pets.

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In addition, you will embark on your adventurous journey with your pet on the beautiful Hawaiian island. You will take photos of your pet along with many other animals on this island and complete the Mini Game. You will join your pet with fun mini-games to earn more bonuses. Every MiniGame has a different gameplay that players will need to learn, they will have the most fun experience when joining these MiniGames along with their dogs.

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Players can participate in countless other exciting activities of this game. Of course, the game will still retain an extremely familiar feature that the pet says. You will do the job of saying whatever you like to let your pet mimic your words. This feature will turn your pet into the best friend you can get whenever you feel sad. Some of the other features of the older versions are also retained and incorporated into this game, so players feel familiar and closer to their pet. The game also has many other unique features that you need to experience because we can not bring you in this article.

My Talking Hank – Adopt your own virtual puppy

Funny picture

My Talking Hank Mod Money owns a fun and authentic 3D graphics design. Players will get the most authentic experience together with the high-quality visual design that the manufacturer brings. The different expressions of pets are also shown as true and alive as they are in real life. The sound of the game interacts well with the graphic design so that players get the most realistic pet experience.

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If you want to breed a dog but you do not have the time and conditions to care for it, My Talking Hank Mod Diamonds will be a perfect choice for you. You can meet your pet anytime and anywhere with just the mobile device you own. The game will definitely make you happy along with your cute pet.