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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 99 MB
  • Date Updated: March 17, 2019

Tom and Jerry, this is the name of the famous animated film around the world. The film revolves around the exciting stories of Tom and Jerry. The character Tom is very familiar to everyone in the movie, but what about entertainment? Yes, I’m talking about the famous mobile game, My Talking Tom from Outfit7 Limited manufacturer. This is a well-known game that revolves around our Tom cat. In this article, I will help people learn about Part 2 of My Talking Tom series of games called My Talking Tom 2. Also, the producer also released some other games around Tom as Talking Tom Gold Run 2016, Talking Angela, Jigsaw Puzzles Jigty, etc.

my talking tom 2 1

Information about the game

Outfit7 Limited released My Talking Tom on November 14, 2013. This is the first time people have seen the virtual mobile cats. The game has become a big hit in 2013 and so far has more than 500 million downloads of the game. Continuing from the success of Tom cat-related series, Outfit7 Limited producer will release the second installment of the game in October 2018.

my talking tom 2 2


Same as the previous part of the game series. The game keeps gameplay like the previous version but has many upgrades. You will take care of Tom cat right on your mobile screen. You will focus on caring, raising cat Tom at each level. To upgrade your cat, you need to take care of your cat daily such as feeding, bathing, going to the toilet, going to bed, entertaining. At the top level, the cat Tom is a kitten, taking care of the cat is easy and Tom is upgraded quickly. At harder levels, the care of Tom is complicated; you have to feed the cat regularly, go to the toilet and have fun. After each level, you will receive bonus and experience to upgrade Tom. Bonuses are used to buy food and cats.

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The accumulation of bonuses is very important. Therefore, you need to calculate carefully to use it properly. Also, the game also offers a shop selling cat decorations. Here you will buy cat decorations to upgrade the spirit of Tom, the purchase of cat ornaments help care Tom becomes simpler.

My Talking Tom 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Impressive upgrade

My Talking Tom 2 for iOS has been upgraded from the old version. However, Tom has more games than before. Entertainment will feature four modes of play: Tom: Swing – Tom will be playing the swing, and you will be the one who helps move and push the swing of Tom up. Basketball – You help Tom throw the balls into the basket, each ball equals one point and equates to a gift. Items in cat stores have more items than their predecessors.

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My Talking Tom 2 Mod Money has beautiful 3D graphics. The image in the game is lovely design, impressive color. Moving images of Tom smoother than the old version. Game graphics are suitable for all ages.

You will have a great experience playing the game.

My Talking Tom 2 for Android is an impressive entertainment game that you and everyone should not miss. This is a game to help you relax after hard work. Also, you can make friends with Tom lovers around the world. In particular, you want to raise children with the spirit of love animals; My Talking Tom 2 is an ideal game for you to do it. Have a great experience with My Talking Tom 2.