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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $2.99
  • File size: 63 MB
  • Date Updated: July 30, 2018

My Town Games Ltd is a very famous children’s game maker in the world. They have been very successful with useful products and attracted the attention of parents. Parents who want their children to develop in the most comprehensive way, want them to be smarter to learn life in the outside world. Therefore, My Town Games Ltd producer created Series My Town. This series of games will help children learn a lot of useful experiences in their daily lives; parents are very confident in the games that this manufacturer brings to their children. Recently, My Town Games Ltd officially launched their new game called My Town: Beach Picnic. This game will take the kids to the beautiful beach; they can do all the things they want to entertain.

my town beach picnic 1

Beach and fun

This game will take the player to a beautiful beach. Here, you can control your cartoon characters to perform recreational activities like swimming, diving, sand castle building … The game will give players a lot of other features so that they can satisfy their imagination. The producer has given the player a lot of useful experience in this game. If you want to explore the underwater species, you’ll have to pick up trash on the shore. The different types of waste will obscure the image of the beautiful fish; you can pick up different types of waste on the coast to see more fish.

my town beach picnic 2

Also, the game has a lot of different minigames to choose from. Each type of minigame will have different gameplay and is quite simple; you can get acquainted quickly and participate in the Minigame. Completing the fun mini-games in the game will give you a lot of bonuses. You can use the bonus to buy new costumes for your character. Each character will have a variety of different costumes for the player to choose. Sure, you will feel more excited when your characters are wearing new outfits to engage in fun activities in the game.

my town beach picnic 4

My Town: Beach Picnic – Summertime fun role play!

Simple graphics

Series My Town always has a very simple and user-friendly graphic design. Of course, My Town: Beach Picnic APK Download also has a very animated cartoon style design. The characters in the game are very simple, and they have different emotional states. The sound of the character and the sound of the natural environment are described quite well to give the player an enjoyable experience.

my town beach picnic 3


My Town: Beach Picnic is an entertaining and educational game that is well suited to children. However, you can also participate in this game to get the pleasure that the game brings. At a very low price of around $ 1, players will not be bothered by the ads like other games. You will also get all the updates coming from the manufacturer for a new experience.