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  • Date Updated: January 13, 2019

My Town: Beauty Contest – The latest version of My Town game series, you will experience impressive care and fashion design activities with beautiful characters of the game. My Town game series released by My Town Games Ltd with different versions, each with its own unique experience. And this latest version allows you and everyone to participate in impressive fashion design and hairstyles competitions. If you are a beauty lover, this product is the best option for you.

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Unique game

My Town: Beauty Contest APK Mod takes people to a competition of fashion designers, hair stylists and makeup experts. The player has the task of helping the characters in the game become more beautiful with your talent and creative ability. The creative activities in this game are unlimited; you will be comfortable to design and create many impressive styles. Join these exciting design and creative activities to become a famous designer.

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Beautify your way

You will participate in a beauty contest in town; you will have to help the characters of the game become more beautiful and win the beauty contest. Players will participate in the design process and create beautiful characters to participate in the beauty contest. You will be free to choose from over 400 different items such as hair, clothes, shoes and many other options. You will have to make quick and accurate choices, so your character is the best. You will choose different hairstyles or clothes to make your character more attractive. You will take your character to many beauty shops in town to take care of them. For example, you will come to the salon to let your character relax and beautify. Next, take them to the clothing store to choose from many impressive outfits.

My Town : Beauty Contest – Dress up & makeup competition!

To create a beautiful character you will need sophistication and careful observation to choose different costumes, accessories to create an impressive style. However, the game will have limited time to design so you need to choose quickly but not so simple. Because if your character is not outstanding, they will lose the beauty contest. Also, your character will appear in popular magazines in town if they have a striking appearance. Create beautiful characters, choose beautiful outfits and makeup for the characters in the most interesting way that will help you win the competition.

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Charming girls

My Town: Beauty Contest for iOS provides a beautiful 2D graphics, the game is prepared with lots of outstanding details. The details and images of the game are very lively prepared to help you be creative. The girls in this game are also designed very charming and beautiful. You will want to make these girls more gorgeous than ever. Besides, the space and colours of the game are built impressively when combining many colours and beautiful details. With this scientific arrangement, you will have the feeling of experiencing a real beauty contest.

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My Town: Beauty Contest is a game suitable for families with children and gentle content along with interesting experiences to help improve children’s creativity. This is a suitable product for children to develop their thinking ability. Also, this is a fun game for adults to experience and with healthy content, people can be assured for children to experience alone.