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As everyone knows, Pablo Escobar is a famous tycoon in drug trafficking and transport organizations in Colombia. This tycoon is famous for his own powerful and vast drug empire. To defeat the tycoon, lawmakers had to spend a lot of time-fighting and destroying the organization of Pablo Escobar. Based on this famous character, Netflix producer has released a movie of their own that relates to the life and operation of the drug organization Pablo Escobar. The film was called Narcos and was first released in 2015. The film has a total of three different film sections, and the final part was released in 2017.

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Also, from the popularity of Pablo Escobar and the film above. FTX Games producer has created a unique strategy game involving famous drug organizations in Colombia. The game is called Narcos: Cartel War and you will become a drug tycoon to compete with many others. Each player will be allowed to manage and build a drug empire of their own. Are you ready to become a Pablo Escobar?

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The battle of the leaders

Join discover Narcos: Cartel War for iOS, you will become a boss and have to build a powerful empire of your own if you get a good mindset and smart management ability. You can create a strong organization and scare your competitors when they mention your name. On the contrary, you develop and manage organizations that lack science. The opponent will be able to destroy you easily. Become a wise leader and destroy all those who stand in your way.

Narcos: Cartel Wars – Money. Power. Loyalty.

Building bases

Similar to other online strategy games, you have the task of building and expanding your base. At the beginning of the challenge, you are provided with a small base and some basic architecture to develop. After that, you must get many scientific development plans to expand your base. You need to build and upgrade many different types of structures to accumulate resources. Accumulated resources will be used to develop bases and build troops.

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Besides, you also need to create a diverse defense system with many different weapons systems to prevent outside invasions. Your opponents will often attack your base to plunder and steal resources. Therefore, you will have to create a stable and diverse defense system to defeat enemy attacks.

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Invasion and expansion of influence

In Narcos: Cartel War, you also have the task of invading and fighting various opponents to develop. You must attack enemy bases to plunder their resources. These successful invasions will bring you many attractive resources. Besides, the resource robbery will cause your opponents to have many limitations in the development process, and they will not endanger the activities of your organization. Therefore, you need to fight constantly and destroy enemy bases.