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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 11.0 or later
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  • File size: 1.2 GB
  • Date Updated: November 21, 2018

NBA stands for National Basketball Association, which is the North American professional basketball tournament, the league of many outstanding and famous players. Basketball is a popular sports fan favorite; you want to experience the professional feel in NBA. Immediately experience NBA 2K Mobile Basketball to become a professional player of this fascinating sport.

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Role-playing game

The game was released by 2K, Inc.; this is the latest product of the company, the game satisfy your hobby and everyone with basketball. When you experience the game, you will feel happy when it comes to collecting famous players or simply the characters you love. The game gives you a real feel when you are playing in the famous NBA. The most professional North American basketball tournament awaits you with exciting discoveries in this game.

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In order to experience the game you will use the simple and friendly virtual key system in the game, you will control the players in your team to participate in many live 5v5 matches. The right side of the device screen will show the virtual keys include: Steal, Defense, Block, Shoot and Pass. These virtual keys will help you attack and defend each match. On the left side of the screen of the device will have a virtual key to help you move the character in the game. Recruit more players in the season and train them into professional players to help your team achieve impressive results.

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Extensive and attractive features

Manufacturers have prepared for the game with more than 400 NBA player cards featuring many well-known and powerful players, all of whom will appear right on your device. The game is developed with many game modes and events to test your team’s skills and strength. In particular, you will receive valuable rewards with daily sign-in and many real-time events of the game. The game has beautiful 3D graphics and high image quality, with great graphics of the game you will surely feel excited and do not want to stop while playing the game. Strong and smooth movements of the characters in the game, space, and interface of the game are very real and sophisticated. You will not be able to complain anything with great graphics of this game.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball – Build Your Team of All-Stars!


Interested in basketball and NBA league, you want to experience a lively sport game that helps you relax after hard work. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a special game developed for for you. A fun and healthy entertainment game for all ages. Experience the true feel of the professional NBA bridge with links shared at the end of the article.