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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: February 2, 2019

GAMEVIL Inc. – One of the largest mobile game production companies in the world. They bring many addictive products with lots of interesting content. If you are a fan of mobile games, you will love the products of this famous company. Products with sports content of GAMEVIL Inc. always get a lot of good reviews from users. In particular, the series of basketball-related games and the famous NBA tournament in the world. If you are interested in unique sports challenges, NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game is the right choice for you to relax in your free time. Become a manager and own a basketball team of your own.

nba live mobile basketball 1

Many challenges and honest activities

NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game for iOS provides you and everyone with many familiar activities with an impressive task and management system. As a manager, a coach and a member of the team, you will be involved in many unexpected activities. This game will help you gain a lot of authentic knowledge of impressive matches in NBA tournament.

nba live mobile basketball 2

Players have the task of building a strong basketball team to compete in the intense NBA tournament. You have to arrange a good fighting formation and train to improve the skills of the team members. Help your team create many outstanding achievements and win over many other opponents.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball – Experience a new way to play.

Monitoring system and virtual keys

The game is built on a practical and scientific control system, you can easily get used to and experience in a short time. The information and components of the game are carefully arranged and give you good control over many different activities. For example, you can easily recruit members or choose training mode to upgrade team members’ skills. Information and skills of team members are constantly updated to help you manage the team better.

nba live mobile basketball 3

Next is an easy-to-use virtual key system, the simple one-touch operation that creates lots of interesting experiences. In matches, one-touch operation helps you control the members of the team easily. Touch the virtual keys on the device’s screen to select skills for each member while competing.

The most attractive tournament in the world

NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game APK Mod with many authentic activities of NBA tournament will give you a fascinating challenge. You have the opportunity to compete with many powerful and world famous teams. They will constantly compete with you in the tournament. You need to develop a reasonable strategy to compete and win. Choose from a variety of different teams, arrange members scientifically. You are predicting matches in the tournament to give a reasonable competitive solution.

nba live mobile basketball 4


Developed based on the famous NBA tournament, the manufacturer has prepared a high-quality image for this game. You have high requirements for image quality; this product will make you satisfied with many beautiful details. Movement of the character is designed to be smooth and stable. Many competitive skills are built honestly to help you experience attractive matches.

nba live mobile basketball 5

Final evaluation

NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game is always updated with unique information and events for everyone to experience. Built on impressive content and images, the game requires highly configurable devices to experience it smoothly. Discover lots of interesting matches next to the famous teams in NBA tournament.