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  • Date Updated: September 26, 2018

Football is a sport that is gaining much attention. From major tournaments to well-known coaches and players. Football is a form of entertainment for everyone, from playing football on the grass, street to football games on PCs and smartphones. Football is popular with everyone and all ages. New star manager is the product of Five Aces Publishing Ltd publisher; they are a producer of famous and prestigious sports games series. Five Aces Publishing Ltd owns a five-part series on football and other sports. Football sections include New star manager for Android, New star soccer, New star soccer G-story – Chapters 1 to 3.

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Players should not confuse the two games in the five-part football series of Five Aces Publishing Ltd, New star manager, and New star soccer. New star soccer is a simple control game, and New star manager is a simulation game. In the game, you will be the manager of the team is responsible for leading the team to win, in addition to the impressive function of the game you can control the player in the game. It’s a simulation game, but it features player controls that make games different and new to popular sports games on smartphones.

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How to play

Like the FIFA game on the PC, New star manager for iOS on the smartphone is the same. This means that the player is capable of managing the team and taking control of the player in the match. With team management, you have the task of helping your team win at every level of difficulty. What is the job of management? You control the buying and selling of players in the team, calculating team operating costs, arranging teams and solving the risks for your team. Controls in the game, you can transfer, shoot, kick,… So you can control the team in and out of the field.

New Star Manager – Be More Than Just A Player


As a simulation game for smartphones, New star manager owns a simple 2D graphic design but still creates a lot of impressive for the player. With the image details, the catalogs are arranged carefully and beautifully.

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The end

This is an impressive game when combining two functions management and control players. The game helps you understand how to manage a real team. If you are a fan of football games, you should not miss New star manager.