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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: November 21, 2018

Many simulation games are released with content that speaks about managers, from store managers to management teams. Recently, FROM THE BENCH producer has released a game with very impressive group management content. The new game is called NFL 2019: Football League Manager. The main content of the game is to help you experience the management of NFL team in the United States. NFL stands for National Football League, which is a popular American Rugby game.

nfl 2019 football league manager 2


Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the United States. There are many famous tournaments related to this sport, especially NFL. This is an important tournament and very popular in the United States, any team or any player has the desire to participate in this tournament. In NFL 2019: Football League Manager for iOS, you will become the manager of any team, your responsibility is to lead the team to win the fierce and glorious league.

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Excellent manager

Step into the game; you are allowed to choose your favorite team or choose a random team. Your task in the game is to manage, arrange the squad and take care of the players in your team. You will work as a real manager, recruiting high-quality players to serve your team. Some of the key positions you need to recruit are quarterback, linebackers, and blockers, recruiting the best players on the transfer market. Once you have recruited talented players, your next task is to train the team, observing each player’s information to arrange training. Arrange the correct tactics for your team in each match; the accurate squad will help you gain more advantage and win against opponents.

nfl 2019 football league manager 4

The gameplay mode of the game is mainly PVP; you will be planning to play and challenge a lot of players around the world. Many PLAYOFF matches will take place; you need a proper strategy when playing the game. Evaluate the strength of the opponent to provide useful antagonistic methods. Change players in the game if you see your team has less chance of winning. Regularly refer to the transfer market in the game to recruit and train many talented players for your team. Help your team from a rookie team to ALL STAR – a strong and famous team.


The game has good graphics, and it is highly appreciated by players. As a simulation game, NFL 2019: Football League Manager has a very friendly interface and allows players to experience the game with ease. The game’s display system includes player information, strength stats, team numbers and rankings of each team in the game, sorted and displayed clearly. Use the real picture of many famous players to make the game more attractive.

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An attractive sport game

This is a very interesting sports game and is suitable for many rugby lovers. Playing this great game at the end of the day is a very sensible option. If you are a sports fan of this game, please use our link to install the game.