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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 23 MB
  • Date Updated: September 3, 2019

To suit the needs and entertainment conditions of each individual, manufacturers are now aiming to develop simple games and do not require a lot of complex control manipulations. No need to perform many different control operations to help players feel comfortable and can easily relax whenever needed. This category is called Idle Game and players only need to perform some simple controls but still have a lot of fun.

ninja prime tap quest 2

If you are looking for an attractive Idle Game with many unique challenges to explore? Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is a good choice for you to relax after a hard time working. With interesting fighting elements, you will become a powerful ninja and fight with many different types of enemies.

Ninja Prime Tap Quest 3

Simple game and stimulating players

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest for iOS has an easy-to-understand gameplay system and offers epic battles for everyone to enjoy. In the game, you are tasked with defeating all the enemies that appear on the map. With many unique ninja techniques, you can defeat the enemies quickly if you have a lot of intelligent control. An impressive array of combat system skills of ninjas are waiting for you ahead. Use these beautiful fighting skills and conquer all the fascinating challenges of the game.

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The opportunity to fight like a ninja

Besides easy-to-understand gameplay, the game is also prepared with a relatively simple plot system. You will become a ninja and your enemy is the evil Shogun. To defeat Shogun, you need to overcome many systems of missions and destroy many different enemies. Your combat missions will be sorted by other levels. And completing each level will help you unlock more exciting combat skills.

Ninja Prime Tap Quest 4

In combat missions, you will fight alone and face many enemies at once. Therefore, you need to use many different types of fighting skills to quickly defeat many enemies. Besides, you also need to calculate reasonably when using special combat skills. Because each fighting skill will have its strengths and gives you certain advantages on the battlefield. To be able to deal more damage to the enemy. You need to upgrade your combat skills. The upgrade of combat skills is necessary and will help you defeat many of the dangerous BOSS in the game.

ninja prime tap quest 1

In addition to discovering many beautiful and powerful fighting skills. You and everyone also have the opportunity to collect many different weapons. Similar to the diverse combat skill system, the task of collecting new weapons is also important. To be able to use the new weapons in Ninja Prime: Tap Quest, you need to accumulate enough resources required. And accomplish certain goals that the game offers. After collecting and using the new weapons. You are also allowed to proceed with weapons upgrades to achieve high combat efficiency on the battlefield. In particular, combat missions will be prepared with two modes: offline and online. Therefore, you will be comfortable entertaining anywhere.