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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 39 MB
  • Date Updated: February 9, 2019

Non-Stop Space Defense – Aliens start invading Earth, you have the task of building a powerful fleet to defeat the evil invaders. Fascinating gameplay awaits you, creating powerful spacecraft and protecting people. Defeat the enemy and overcome many challenging challenges, experience a fascinating entertainment space with many impressive images. Simple but addictive content, you will love this game. Currently, the game is available on Googleplay app, or you can download it using the link at the end of the article.

non stop space defense 2


Non-Stop Space Defense for iOS is developed and produced by WHAT (games), this game has simple content but creates a lot of fun for everyone. In the process of exploring the universe, the Earth was attacked by powerful military forces of aliens. To protect the Earth, you will have to destroy many different enemies. Enemies will constantly attack, and they will only stop when you are defeated. To defeat the enemy, the player needs to build and upgrade defensive guns. With a solid defence system, you can easily prevent the onslaught of enemies’ attacks.

non stop space defense 3


The challenges of the game are not too complicated, but you need perseverance and use smart strategies to accomplish the task. You will start with simple challenges, touch the device’s screen to use weapons and fire multiple bullets towards the enemy. Each destroyed enemy helps you get more bonuses and experience points. After accumulating bonuses, you must build many different defence towers to stop the enemy. You have the opportunity to experience many powerful weapons and many impressive defence towers.

Non-Stop Space Defense – Infinite Aliens Shooter Game

Defence towers have many different shapes after upgrading, upgrading defence towers to improve combat ability and use more powerful weapons. Your goal is many circles that own different sizes. Inside each circle displays a column of many different numbers. To destroy the circles, you have to put the numbers into zero. With many different sizes, you will see many different numbers.

non stop space defense 4

Upgrade defence towers and use special battle skills by touching defence towers. These special skills require recovery time after each use. Therefore, you need to have reasonable calculations before using. Upgrading and using reasonable skills creates a dense amount of firepower, which will help you easily defeat many different attacks of enemies.

Continuous challenge

Non-Stop Space Defense APK Mod creates many unique challenges; you face a large number of enemies. If you don’t focus on the experience, you will easily be defeated and have to play again. Enemies will attack you according to each wave, the higher the number of enemies in each wave will increase. Accumulate bonuses and upgrade science defence towers to win.

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Non-Stop Space Defense possesses simple and understandable gameplay. The image quality of the game is not too prominent but still creates many exciting emotions. The details of the game are designed according to neon style, creating many beautiful images. Overall, this is a unique game and brings many interesting experiences for everyone.