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  • Platforms: iOS 7.1.2 or later
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  • File size: 2.8 GB
  • Date Updated: September 6, 2019

With the development of mobile devices, players can now easily explore many different game genres right on their devices. On the PC platform, shooting challenges are very popular with many different games. And now, complex shooting challenges are starting to appear on mobile platforms as well.

NOVA 3 Premium Edition 2

Among the most popular shooting challenges on the mobile platform, NOVA is the name that received the best reviews. With the storyline is the war between the planets in outer space, this game has brought crazy adventure to satisfy everyone. After the success of the first version, Gameloft manufacturer developed and released many newer versions. And the most recently released version is called NOVA 3: Premium Edition.

NOVA 3 Premium Edition 3

Scary secret

The plot of NOVA 3: Premium Edition for iOS will continue to revolve around Kal Wardin. After the war between humanity and Volterites, Kal Wardin decided to give up the war and look for a peaceful place to rest. During his return to Earth, Kal received a request for help from an old friend – Yelena. Upon landing on Earth, Echo One unit has been summoned and involved in the quest to find an artifact with terrifying power. With its mysterious power, this artifact is derived from Judger, and it can help regenerate a planet or destroy it.

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However, the task of finding and collecting this artifact will not be easy. Volterite League of Aliens has known the appearance of this mysterious artifact, and they have begun to land on Earth in search of it. But instead of bringing about a peaceful world, the organization wants to use this artifact as a weapon of mass destruction to rule the universe. Facing this complex challenge, you have the task of helping Kal Wardin to keep this mysterious artifact from falling into the hands of evil forces and reviving the Earth.


With easy-to-understand shooting challenges, players will be involved in many intense battles with evil enemies. The manufacturer has prepared a compelling storyline system for you to explore. Each mission will provide you with the information you need to capture the location of the artifact or prevent invaders from accessing this dangerous artifact. Besides the diverse combat mission system, players are also allowed to explore many interesting weapons systems. Similar to the previous versions, players will certainly be satisfied with the game’s powerful and unique weapon system.

NOVA 3 Premium Edition 4

Your combat missions will not be simple because you have to fight many dangerous enemies. You will have to move continuously to fight with your enemies. To survive on the battlefield, you must have agile reflexes to destroy enemies. If you do not have good reflexes and smart moves on the battlefield, you will be killed. In particular, the difficulty of the missions will increase, and you need to have the courage to survive in this fierce battle.

NOVA 3 Premium Edition 1

In addition to the plot combat missions, the game also offers attractive online combat missions. Online challenges allow you to meet and fight with 12 different players. In particular, NOVA 3: Premium Edition is also built with an intuitive communication system that makes it easy for people to talk to each other, and online challenges will become more realistic.