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  • Date Updated: May 20, 2019

To get the current world map, people have to make many dangerous journeys. Among the exploratory journeys and completing the map of the world, the journey to conquer the ocean is the most popular. With powerful ships and courage to conquer the vast oceans, the world map has been formed.

Ocean Raider2

During the process of exploring and completing the world map, a new force appeared on the ocean as pirates. Pirate groups always fight and seek their treasures. Do you want to become a pirate? What will you do when you become a captain and go out on your own to search for treasures? Come to Ocean Raider: Captain’s Wrath; you have the opportunity to enjoy the journey to conquer the ocean and create impressive achievements.

Pirate era

When you come to the world of Ocean Raider: Captain’s Wrath APK Mod, you and other players will be recruiting different members to create your pirate group. With the task of building a group of pirates, you will conquer many interesting challenges on the vast ocean. From many different itineraries and locations, you can explore new lands and constantly fight with other players to compete for power. Conquer the ocean in many different ways and look for opportunities to become the best captain.

Ocean Raider3

Responsibilities of a captain

When you become a captain, you will be responsible for the team members. You must arrange the work for the members and find new journeys to conquer. In the game, you need to overcome many challenges to unlock and recruit many new members for your team. Besides building a strong team, you also have to build smart strategies to conquer various challenges. There are many unique jobs and tasks waiting for you to explore, join right now, so don’t miss them.

Ocean Raider: Captain’s Wrath for Android/iOS

Exciting itineraries

To create a powerful team, you need to take part in many adventures to different lands. Each adventure will allow you to own new members. Join these adventures; you will face and fight many different enemies. In particular, the enemy you have to fight regularly is the naval force — lots of mysterious lands and over 50 different characters waiting for you to use.

Ocean Raider4

In addition to fighting the plot to collect characters, the game also prepared many different faction battles. Also, a series of events take place regularly for you and other players to have a fair chance to compete. Dozens of dungeons and special maps have many attractive rewards waiting for you to collect. Quickly grow your team and conquer many fun adventures.

Ocean Raider5


Ocean Raider: Captain’s Wrath is a fun online game and has many diverse missions to perform. The online challenge of the game will give you an exciting experience. Compete with many other players in epic battles will help you get more fun.