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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 25, 2019

ONE PIECE is a very popular Japanese manga worldwide. It is used to produce many different movies and games to meet everyone’s relaxation needs. In addition to the popular movies, the games related to ONE PIECE also received much attention from everyone. From games released on the PC platform to the mobile platform, you can easily search and experience a game with content related to ONE PIECE.

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If you are looking for an attractive mobile game and have content related to ONE PIECE? ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is a unique name that you should not miss. With this game, you can easily enjoy many adventure journeys and meet the powerful characters of ONE PIECE. Are you ready to explore the vast ocean conquest journey and find your treasures?

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The current official publisher of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE APK Mod is NAMCO Entertainment Inc. They are a famous producer and have many unique games (Dark Souls, Pac-man, Ace Combat, …) Based on the fascinating storyline system of ONE PIECE, this manufacturer has created a unique and addictive journey. From there, help people quickly experience it right on their mobile device. Besides meeting familiar characters, you have the opportunity to enjoy many battles and discover impressive supernatural powers.


Build your pirate group

Because this game is built based on the plot system of ONE PIECE, so you will enjoy many interesting stories again. When you start exploring the game, a basic tutorial system will appear to help you familiarize yourself with the gameplay and control the battlefield. These instructions will help you get the information you need to use and upgrade a character. You have the task of collecting and using many different characters to create a powerful pirate group. Your battle squad is allowed to use a maximum of 6 different members.

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Your journey to conquer the great ocean begins with simple tasks and complex tasks later on. Your pirate group must fight constantly and defeat many different enemies to survive. The number of enemies and their fighting power will gradually increase with each level. The higher the level, you will have to fight many dangerous enemies, and the survival rate will decrease. Therefore, you need to use and upgrade your characters in a reasonable way to win.

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Character and power system

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is prepared with over 1000 different characters. And each character will be arranged according to different power systems for you to use. Each strength will have its advantages and disadvantages. Besides, a chart showing how to control the enemy’s powers will be prepared in the left corner of the screen. From this support chart, players can easily capture the power of the enemy and make many wise decisions to defeat them.