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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 33 MB
  • Date Updated: July 15, 2019

Not only famous for manga or anime works, but Japan is also a country with many unique cultural features. From attractive traditional customs to beautiful Kimono costumes. In addition to the above interesting cultural features, the country is also famous for its impressive Origami art. Origami is a folding paper art that originated in Japan, and it is well known all over the world. Besides, this art also brings comfort and comfort to everyone. If you are interested in this art and want to explore it now, please download and install Origame.

origame 2

Origami art

Origame for iOS is a game with unique content, and it is designed based on the art of Origami. Join the game; you will be able to explore this unique art right on your device. Besides, you can easily relax with the fascinating challenges of Origami art anywhere.

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With attractive paper folding challenges, you will relax your mind after stressful working hours. Each challenge will be built on each level and will have specific suggestions to help you complete the challenge. The challenges you take will not be limited in time, and you will have enjoyable leisure times.

Origame – Best paper folding experience


As mentioned above, your challenges are designed at each level, and each level will bring different requirements for you to implement. At the basic levels, your challenges are simple, and you just need to follow the basic hints to accomplish. The initial levels will have many different suggestions to help you complete the task quickly. However, more complicated levels will have fewer hints, and you need precise operations to accomplish the task. By offering fewer suggestions, players will need to focus on good logical thinking to be able to fulfill the requirements.

origame 4

Paper folding challenges at each level will give you specific requirements, and you need to create the required shapes. From the hints of the game, you need to create the shapes that are required to be able to participate in the next level. If you do not create the required shape, you will have to play again. To create the required shapes, simply touch and drag your hands on the device’s screen.

origame 1

User-friendly interface

Origame is built with an intuitive and simple interface to create comfort for everyone. Each level you explore will be designed with different theme colors. Besides, the paper that you use to complete the challenge is also designed and prepared with different colors or motifs. Each level will give you a different form of paper for you to perform the task. From there, you can experience continuously and create beautiful works.