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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: April 18, 2019

After the success of LYN: The Lightbringer, an exciting game that brings many high-quality images to entertainers. Recently NEXON Company has continued to release a new role-playing game. In the new game, you will continue to enjoy a system of sharp images and many mysterious stories to explore. With MMORPG challenge, you have the opportunity to participate in many exciting combat and competition activities. This game is called OVERHIT; please use the link at the end of the article to be able to attend quickly.

overhit 2


Similar to other games of NEXON Company, OVERHIT for iOS is also prepared with an attractive story system and involves many different characters for you to experience. Each story is fun or dangerous journey for you to overcome. Besides, you are also brought to many different lands, from crowded to desolate. The number of monsters and races in the game is very diverse for you to learn and enjoy. In general, preparing a good plot system will bring more interesting experiences and not create a boring feeling for you.

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Fighting style

The current trend of role-playing games is combined with attractive strategy elements, and this game is no exception. You will participate in missions and challenges with the team battle system. The characters of your team will fight in turn and possess their fighting skills. You need to build a powerful warrior group with many different powers to confront dangerous enemies. A series of quests and new dungeons are waiting for you ahead. Discover dungeons to enhance the character’s power and collect attractive prizes. Also, the manufacturer prepares exciting PVP battles for you and everyone to compete and interact with.

OVERHIT for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Guild system

One of the unique elements of the RPG challenge that you must not ignore is the guild system. Besides competition among individuals, players also experience exciting competition among different guilds. Participating in guilds will bring a lot of fun challenges and opportunities for you to connect with many players around the world. Besides fighting alone, you can also participate in impressive guild battles.

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Diverse characters and many unique adventure journeys

To bring more fun and unique experiences, there are more than 120 characters with unique designs for you to explore. Each character is designed with races and the ability to use their own weapons. You can freely recruit and arrange warrior groups in many different ways. Besides, the game prepares a variety of unique items and interesting upgrades to explore when successfully recruiting new characters.

overhit 5

Besides the unique character system, there are many stories and tasks. Each mission will bring your adventures to enjoy. Also, a series of exciting lands with many civilizations of different races will bring many interesting entertainment images for you. You are allowed to admire the beautiful cities or the mysterious forests freely and also meet many interesting characters in the game.

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If you always love role-playing challenges and are interested in NEXON Company, OVERHIT is an addictive challenge that you should not miss. It provides a lot of fun fighting experience and is an opportunity for you to meet new players.