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  • Date Updated: February 9, 2019

If you are interested in games with 16-bit graphics and compelling storyline, you should not miss the series called Partia by Imago Software producer. In it, the latest version of this series is called Partia 3. You will continue to discover many fascinating stories and fierce battles. Overcoming many challenges and participating in many dangerous journeys to defeat the bad guys. Become a hero and protect people, this new version is prepared with a lot of impressive missions to challenge people. Join now and create your adventure journey.

Partia 3 2


Partia 3 for iOS brings the story of loyalty and betrayal. The prince’s best friend made a plan to assassinate the king and help the enemy invade the kingdom. After the king dies, the prince will lead the kingdom and is responsible for protecting everyone. The new king needs your help to defeat the invading enemy and capture the traitor.

Partia 3 3

At the beginning of the experience, you will be provided with the necessary information regarding the plot and familiarize yourself with the game. With many battlefields and different missions, players must create many different strategies to win. This is a unique strategy game that is harmoniously combined with the plot, promising to bring many interesting and addictive experiences.

Partia 3 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Unite the kingdom

You will become a general and help the young king defeat many different enemies; you have the task of building and developing the army to prepare for war. Build barracks, recruit soldiers and train. Create a powerful army with many different soldiers. Some types of soldiers will appear including archers, cavalry, Spearman and many other soldiers. Use many logical strategies when fighting to exploit the various advantages of each type of soldier. Each type of soldier will have unique characteristics and skills for people to explore.

Partia 3 4

To fight, the game will prepare three different activities to choose from including moving, resting, attacking and using items. You just need to touch the soldiers to choose the necessary activities such as attacking the enemy or moving to a safe location. Observe the battle map to use the strategy appropriately. Each type of soldier possesses his skills, so you need to choose wisely.

Upgrade and mission

In Partia 3 APK Mod, you have the opportunity to fight and explore more than 30 different lands. Each land will have its battle terrain to experience. Therefore, you need to create many different strategies to get many advantages before the enemy. A good strategy will help you win more easily. In particular, in many new lands, you will recruit many new soldiers to create more interesting experiences.

Partia 3 6

With each different type of soldier, you will experience many interesting upgrades. After completing the required tasks, you get many good rewards. Good rewards are used to upgrade troops and accumulate many high-quality items. Collecting many good items and upgrading the army continuously is a way to help you defeat the enemy.


Partia 3 has unique 16-bit graphics along with familiar gameplay that helps you experience many interesting images of the real-time strategy genre. A varied map and many impressive battlefields will make you satisfied.