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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 97 MB
  • Date Updated: June 9, 2019

Payback 2 – If you love the challenges and tasks of GTA game series and want to explore products with similar content on the mobile platform. This game is the most suitable option at the present time. It has an attractive gameplay with smooth image quality, you will surely be satisfied. After the success with the first version, Apex Design Entertainment Ltd released the second version with many interesting changes. This new version is available on Googleplay with millions of downloads from around the world.

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Familiar game

If you’ve ever explored one of the different versions of GTA series on a PC platform, you certainly won’t take a long time to get used to this game. Compared to GTA, Payback 2 APK Mod has more attractive and simple content. It is prepared with an intuitive virtual key system that makes it easy to experience in many different locations. You will continue to enjoy the lives of criminals or the battle of the area between the gangsters in the city. You are allowed to comfortably drive and explore the city.

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To help players get great entertainment time, the manufacturer has prepared over 50 different events and campaigns. Events and campaigns will take place at various locations in the city. Each event, the campaign will have specific requirements for you to implement. Completing these requirements will help you get the rewards you deserve.

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

With combat content and fierce competition between city gangs, the game will prepare you for different scenes and environments. You can participate in gunfights in many different neighborhoods or enjoy boat chases on many rivers around the city. In general, the mission system is very diverse, and you need a lot of time to complete them.

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Besides unique missions, players also enjoy many different weapons. To destroy the opponent and complete the mission, you need to equip a variety of different weapons for the character. Use the bonus you accumulate to unlock many weapons in the game. With a variety of weapons systems, you will have many different options when performing tasks.

Also, the game allows you to fight with friends in online mode. With online mode, you can get tasks and perform them with friends to have more fun. If you can’t take part in online challenges, you can still relax with offline and accumulating tasks for yourself with lots of combat experience.

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Payback 2 has beautiful 3D graphics and possesses smooth images. To bring more exciting experiences to everyone, the game is designed with a system of true day and night time. In particular, challenges that take place at night will bring more fun and attractive images to everyone. With many intense battles, the manufacturer has prepared realistic fire effects.