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  • Date Updated: July 18, 2019

In football, the free-kicks in many different positions always bring a thrill to the viewers. Besides bringing a thrill to the audience, it also brings stress to the players who are competing. If you are in need and want to enjoy impressive free kicks, Perfect Kick 2 is a suitable choice for you. With interesting content and lots of fun for everyone, this game will make you satisfied.

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Perfect Kick 2 APK Mod will bring everyone new exciting football matches. You have the opportunity to discover unique 1 vs 1 matches with different players. You can enjoy two different positions when playing the game is the position of the penalty kicker or the goalkeeper’s position. By enjoying these two positions, players will have a lot of fun experiences and not be bored.

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To control the character and complete matches, Gamegou Limited manufacturer has built an intuitive virtual key system for everyone to use. With simple controls, you won’t need to spend much time getting used to it. Before starting the challenges of the game, some basic guidelines will be provided for you to familiarize yourself with. With the penalty shooter’s position, you just need to swipe your hand on the device’s screen to make the free-kick. As for a goalkeeper’s position, you have to touch the screen to prevent the opponent’s free-kick. Take a quick look, and judge the falling point of the ball, touch the screen of the device to stop the ball.

Perfect Kick 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Attractive matches

Each match you participate in, you will be randomly arranged to compete with other players. Each match will take place with six different turns, three turns for you and three turns for the opponent. In turn, you will have a time limit to complete. In the time allowed, you must choose the right angle to beat the opponent. Besides choosing a good shot angle, you have to create a sufficient force. A toolbar on the left side of the screen will be displayed to help you select the kicking force. Please calculate agility and science in the time required to complete the challenge.

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With the position of a goalie, you need concentration and calmness to judge the trajectory of the ball to get reasonable control. If you do not persevere and take control actions in a hurry, the opponent will defeat you. Conversely, you get reasonable observations and judgments but perform inaccurate control operations. The opponent will still easily beat you quickly. Therefore, the key to preventing the opponent’s shots is perseverance and control at appropriate times.

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Upgrade and chat

Similar to other sports games, Perfect Kick 2 allows you to use and recruit many different players. Besides, you are also allowed to upgrade characters and equip them with beautiful costumes. With a wide variety of players, you can recruit and use many players from different clubs around the world. Besides upgrading characters and enjoying interesting matches, you and everyone can freely chat through the game’s social system. With a carefully built social system, you will be chatting with many players around the world.