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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 81 MB
  • Date Updated: August 13, 2019

To help people conquer the sky and enjoy exciting battles. Recently, Ketchapp has released a unique game that people cannot ignore. This game is called Pilot Royale, and you will discover many exciting battles with many other players. You and many other players will be in control of the fighters to compete. You have the task of destroying as many players as possible during the required time. Besides, the challenges also take place at a fast pace to help you easily arrange a relaxing time reasonably.

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Gentle and attractive

Pilot Royale for iOS will give people simple but interesting battles. Each match allows you to relax and compete with many different players. Also, the game is built with a landscape system, and unique maps will make you satisfied. Not only participating in unique dogfights, but you are also free to fly and see the beautiful scenery around. Are you ready to conquer the beautiful sky of the game and beat many other players to become the only ACE?

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Play online

Before starting each match, you will be given a waiting time for the game to arrange the players together. In a match, you can meet and compete with dozens of players from many different countries. Each match will have a time limit to complete. In the time allowed, you must control your aircraft well to defeat other opponents and avoid the pursuit of the enemy.

Pilot Royale – Epic real-time air battles!

If you move well and are stable, you can beat many different opponents and get great rewards. Each defeated opponent will help you get a certain bonus. At the end of each match, the six best players will appear on the game’s rankings. Try to defeat many opponents and survive as long as possible to achieve good positions on the rankings.

Many opponents to overcome and tips to remember

To be able to defeat other players, you need to pay attention to the map and mobility of other players. After that, you must select the targets that can move weakly to prioritize the first kill. Next, you will have to move wisely to be able to chase other players and destroy them in a short time. If you don’t destroy the target in a short time, they can quickly come back to attack you. Therefore, you must try to defeat your opponents in a single attack. Follow your opponents and attack them violently to create many outstanding achievements.

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In addition to requiring intelligent control, Pilot Royale also prepares various upgrades for people to improve their fighter capabilities. The manufacturer will prepare four upgrade features for everyone to explore including Speed, Respawn Speed, Rocket Freq, and Defense. Each upgrade will help your aircraft get better combat capability in each match.

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These options will require bonuses to proceed with the upgrade. If you want to constantly upgrade your aircraft, you need to accumulate a lot of bonuses by defeating many different opponents. The higher the upgrade, the more bonus you need to use. Therefore, you need plans to upgrade science and use bonuses appropriately.