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  • Date Updated: October 6, 2018

Recently, Voodoo has continued to release their new game called This is the next product aimed at those who have little free time, and they want to find a simple entertainment game. After the huge success of, Voodoo has seen the potential of the io-style games. They want to create more unique products to meet the rising demand of players. The gameplay of this game is completely different from the games of the same genre, promising to bring players the best experience. In the article below, you can learn more about this fascinating game.

ping io 2

Highly competitive game

Step into for Android; you will have to join a fierce battlefield to become the last survivor. You can think of the popular battle royale game in the market today; you will have to slaughter all the other players to become the last survivor and win. However, this game will bring you a completely new experience. You will participate in real-time battles with other players around the globe. You will have to manipulate your character skillfully to gain points and knock down other players. The battles in this game are very fast, and it will make the player feel more excited. Initially, you will become a circular character. Your goal is to keep the balls from appearing on the screen of the device and knock down other players with the correct shot. – Rebound to eliminate players!

If you lose your score too many times, you will fail immediately. Therefore, the player needs to manipulate his character wisely to defeat other players and win. After completing the match, you will receive a bonus corresponding to your rank level. Bonuses can be used to unlock new characters, and you will be delighted to own new characters. Also, each character possesses a special appearance. Collect all the characters in this game for a new experience.

ping io 3

Familiar graphics

Voodoo always makes games with simple designs. Of course, APK Mod also owns a very simple animated 2D graphic design. Characters are designed with a lot of different colors; players will not be confused between their characters and enemies. With simple graphical design, players will not need a highly configurable device to experience this game perfectly. Regarding sound, the game will make the player feel happier with the fun sounds created by the characters. Sure, you will like this game more when enjoying the funny sound that your character creates.

ping io 1

Summary will be a new choice for those who have little time. The game will help you to optimize your time and make you feel better. Also, you can also invite your friends and join the fun battle to get more fun. The game was released not long ago; you can refer to our links to download the game more easily.