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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 87 MB
  • Date Updated: January 31, 2019

Pirates are a dangerous force on the sea; this force is very developed in the era of exploring the world in the 18th – 19th century. Would you like to experience the journey to conquer the ocean and participate in looting at sea? Pirate Heroes: Siege of Atlantis will give you and every one an interesting journey and an impressive range of challenges to fight and explore many treasures around the world. Released by Hanfeng Game Studios – a new manufacturer on the market, this product has some minor problems. These issues will be quickly overcome in the next updates of the game.

pirate heroes siege of atlantis 2

Journey of pirates

Become a captain; you are tasked to fight and discover many interesting places of the game. Each location will provide you with many challenges, missions and dangerous enemies. The diverse combat system with many characters, completing the game’s requirements to unlock and use characters.

pirate heroes siege of atlantis 3


Pirate Heroes: Siege of Atlantis for iOS requires players to create a strong fighting squad with many heroes. You will summon characters and create a rational battle squad. The game offers two battle teams that allow you to create a powerful defence system. To win, you must defeat all monsters on the map and not let them pass your defences. If the monster passes the defence system, the mission will fail, and you must play again.

pirate heroes siege of atlantis 4

You have the opportunity to fight in many different locations with many interesting rewards. Complete the mission to help you get gold coins and items at the end of the match. Note, you can only receive rewards after defeating BOSS in each battle. To arrange formation and fight, you just need to touch the screen to move the character to the desired position. In combat you touch the character and move to the enemy’s position, the character will automatically go to the required position and defeat the enemy.

Pirate Heroes: Siege of Atlantis for Android/iOS – Gameplay


With many enemies and monsters in many maps, it is important to equip items for characters. Because this equipment will help your character have the ability to fight and survive better. Perform tasks, participate in many events of the game to collect powerful equipment. Each character will have their strength and fighting skills, so you need to equip suitable items. Use the equipment suitable for the character to help you exploit the advantages of the hero when fighting. Discover new routes and summon new characters to build your pirate force.


Pirate Heroes: Siege of Atlantis APK Mod is built with a beautiful animation style that provides exciting and addictive strategic challenges. Impressive fighting skills effect with many different details and colours. The characters are strikingly developed with a variety of images that create many interesting experiences. The fighting space is beautifully built with many different themes, and you will not have a boring feeling.

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Final comment

Attractive strategy elements, simple controls and lots of beautiful images, Pirate Heroes: Siege of Atlantis is the most exciting game of the moment. You are interested in adventure journeys, so join this game. Experience with friends to share combat experiences and lots of fun stories around the game. Give your comment to the manufacturer to continue upgrading the product.