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  • Date Updated: December 28, 2018

You’ve seen movies about doomsday scenes like The Walking Dead. Humans always create dangerous diseases to use for war purposes. Want to experience the sensation of destroying this world with dangerous diseases? Plague Inc will be a game that meets all your needs; the game is released by Neptune Creations. At only $ 1, players will have the opportunity to destroy humanity with various dangerous diseases. You will become a dark power and destroy the whole of humanity.

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The disease is dangerous

When participating in the game, the player becomes a mad scientist. You will use your knowledge to create new diseases. The game has more than 12 different types of pests to choose from.

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Also, you can upgrade these pests by modifying their DNA fragments. You will then be selected for the country in which you wish to distribute the disease. You can select any random country or region in the world to test your product. At first, these illnesses will cause symptoms not so obvious on the human body.

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After a short period, the world will appear to die from the disease. You can collect different pieces of DNA as your virus evolves. These DNA codes will help players improve their infection and disease symptoms. You will have to destroy the entire world and end the age of human domination with your product.

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Man can fight you

Plague Inc Mod Unlocked will be divided into three different difficulty levels for the player to choose from. Players will face smarter humans at higher difficulty levels. They can make different types of vaccines to counter the dangerous disease you create. You need to carefully choose the ability to upgrade your disease so that it is not being attacked by humans such as the ability to infect, severity …

Plague Inc for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Can you be more creative?

In addition to the 12 different types of pests that the game offers to players to choose. They can use the network connection to be able to update newer ones. One of them is the Xenomorph disaster in the very famous Alien movie of 20th Century Fox. Players will have more interesting and new options for the task of destroying humanity.

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Plague Inc APK Download is a tactical game. This game will not have high requirements for image quality. Players will be observed in a map of the world being destroyed by the types of plagues they make. Various parameters such as some deaths, infection rates, affected areas, etc. will be displayed in a very intuitive way for players to easily grasp. The sound of the virus in the infection and the sound of the human race will make the player feel more excited.

Plague Inc

Why not play?

You’ve played role-playing games, to protect humanity. You should also try Plague Inc for the most exciting and unique experience. Different pandemics are waiting for you to find and destroy humanity. If you like this game, you can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.