• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 70 MB
  • Date Updated: July 17, 2018

Pocket Mine 3 is a fun arcade game released by the makers of Roofdog Games. This is the latest version of this series of games; players will continue the journey to exploit the natural resources underground to become richer. With unique gameplay and fun graphic design, the game will give players a lot of fun as they join the dangerous journey in this game. Let’s learn about Pocket Mine 3 for iOS, and we’ll show you how to experience this simplest game.

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Action-packed digging

The game takes players to a fantasy world. Here, players will be playing a miner. You will use your tools to do the mining of various underground resources to enrich yourself. The game will be divided into many different difficulty levels for the player to pass. First, we will talk about how to control the character in this game. The game’s control is very simple, and the players will not take too long to learn about it. You will use your fingers to perform actions that touch the screen of the device to control the direction of movement of the character. Also, you can use your fingers to control your character to perform resource mining operations. You can only harvest resources when your character is a cell or rock.

Pocket Mine 3 – Action-packed digging

Pocket Mine 3 Mod Money will not be easy, and your journey will contain many different dangers. Players will face the fierce monsters in the ground or the deadly pitfalls that the game offers. You can use your tools to kill monsters easily, but you will need to pay attention to other threats. The various pitfalls that the game offers will probably appear anytime your character performs digging, you will be able to fail when your character is killed by these traps. Players need to train their care to be able to complete the difficulty level safely.

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Upgrade your tools

You can use the bonuses you earn after completing the difficulty level to purchase new tools in the game’s store. With more powerful tools, players can easily exploit different types of resources and make their journey underground faster.

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Simple graphics

Pocket Mine 3 for Android has a fairly simple 2D graphic design. The character in the game is very fun. The various explosive effects in the game are very eye-catching. The sound of the game is quite simple, and fun design will make the player feel more fun.

pocket mine 3 1


Pocket Mine 3 will be a fun game for those who are anxious to relieve stress after hours of hard work. They will get a lot of fun coming from the mystery and surprise journey in this game. The game supports Android and iOS; you can explore it with our links.