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Nintendo is a name that will be familiar to everyone. They are a famous Japanese game producer and have released many high-quality products. Not only famous for regular games, but they are also famous for the advance game. When it comes to this producer, people can’t help but mention their famous series Pokemon. They have released many different versions of Pokemon. In particular, the 3rd generation versions are getting the best reviews.

Pokemon Emerald1

If you’ve ever discovered Pokemon Ruby version of the 3rd generation, you can’t ignore Pokemon Emerald. This version is an upgraded version, and there are many changes in image quality compared to Pokemon Ruby. However, you will still enjoy many crazy adventures and discover many new Pokemon.

The story is more attractive

Pokemon Emerald APK Mod was built with a more compelling story and followed the event series from Pokemon Ruby. Both criminal organizations, Team Magma, and Team Aqua have the plot to use the legendary Pokemon to rule the world. They are trying to control two legendary Pokemon like Kyogre and Groudon. However, these 2 Pokemon myths awakened earlier than expected by the two criminal organizations. They begin to fight with each other and cause many dangerous disasters to Hoenn Continent.

Pokemon Emerald2

Part of Hoenn Continent is being affected by the intense rain from Kyogre. And the rest of the continent is facing dangerous lava flows from Groudon. If you can’t stop these legendary Pokemon, the whole Hoenn Continent will be destroyed. In the face of the danger of extinction, a new hope has emerged. To prevent the catastrophe from Kyogre and Groudon, you must search and summon an ancient Pokemon with great power Rayquaza.

Pokemon Emerald Gameboy Advance (GBA) Rom – Gameplay

Many interesting options and many new itineraries

Coming to this version, you have the opportunity to collect and use all three powerful Pokemon (Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza). At that time, your adventure journey will be fun, and there will be more unexpected challenges. Collecting and owning three powerful Pokemon will be very difficult. You will have to pass many missions at different stages. Besides, the two evil organizations, Team Magma, and Team Aqua, will find a way to destroy you.

Pokemon Emerald3

The producer will provide a special arena, and it is called Battle Frontier. Here, you will be fighting in 7 different environments. Each environment will challenge your thinking ability. Players will have to choose Pokemon suitable for each environment to fight. Choosing the right Pokemon will help you win. Conversely, you summon inappropriate Pokemon that will cause battles to last, and you risk being easily defeated by opponents.

Familiar graphics

Pokemon Emerald has beautiful image quality and does not require you to possess powerful equipment to experience. The imaging system retains familiar designs and creates comfort for players. The movements of Pokemon are built more vividly. From there, you and everyone have the opportunity to enjoy many epic images in each match.