Pokemon Fire Red – A completely new version of Pokemon game series. It is a new version and continues the success of the 3rd generation Pokemon Saphire, Pokemon Ruby, and Pokemon Emerald. In this version, you will discover a story with many new characters. You can still enjoy the exciting battles between Pokemon and freely collect your favorite Pokemon.

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New lands and new events

In Pokemon Fire Red APK Mod, players will be able to explore Kanto Continent. In this land, there are many different types of Pokemon and many famous coaches. However, this continent is facing many different dangers from an evil organization. And this organization is called Team Rocket. This evil organization wants to use Pokemon for war and invasion of different lands. They started their invasion plan with the first goal of Kanto Continent. With the dream of becoming a professional trainer and a citizen of Kanto Continent. You have the responsibility to train Pokemon and overcome many different opponents to prevent Team Rocket invasion plot.

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Coach’s mission

With the responsibility of protecting Kanto Continent, you have the task of finding and training your Pokemon to fight evil forces. The game has been prepared with hundreds of different Pokemon for you to collect. A variety of Pokemon means you can explore many different lands. Besides discovering Pokemon in new lands, you can collect special Pokemon after defeating them in mysterious caves.

Gameboy Pokemon Fire Red v1.1 Advance(GBA) Rom

Each Pokemon possesses its fighting skills, and you can evolve them in many different forms. After evolution, Pokemon will own new shapes and be upgraded to combat power. To evolve Pokemon, you need to allow them to engage in battle with many enemies. Each battle will help get experience points to upgrade Pokemon. After achieving the required levels and meeting the conditions of the game, you can proceed to evolve your Pokemon.

The battle system of Pokemon Fire Red for iOS remains the same compared to previous versions. Your battles are in the form of turn-based. With turn-based style, players will need logical thinking and calculation to defeat the enemy. Besides strong fighting ability, each Pokemon has its weaknesses. Harness the weaknesses of the enemy and defeat them quickly.

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To defeat and stop Team Rocket evil plan. You need to beat eight different BOSS of rooms GYM on Kanto Continent. Fighting and defeating BOSS is not easy; you need to accumulate enough items before fighting them. Besides, your Pokemon need to reach high levels and have evolved to be able to fight flat with BOSS. Also, each BOSS owns their powerful Pokemon, and you will need a lot of time to defeat them.


If you have experienced all three different versions of the 3rd generation Pokemon series, Pokemon Fire Red is the next name for you to conquer. It possesses a better image system with an attractive storyline that will make you curious. Note, this version requires highly configurable devices to be able to enjoy stability.