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You are a fan of games that talk about Pokémon. Pokémon is one of the popular Japanese comic books. There are many different Pokémon in the series. But there is a species very familiar to everyone is Magikarp. This is a very interesting Pokémon, so join Pokémon: Magikarp Jump of The Pokemon Company. Join the game and discover the fun of Magikarp.

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Pokémon fun

Magikarp is the first name of this Pokémon and is a water Pokémon. At level 1, this Pokémon is often very weak and is used by many players. But actually, this is a very strong Pokémon. Its evolution to level 2 is called Gyarados and is a scary Pokémon that many players do not want to encounter in a conflict.

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The game has very interesting content. Unlike other Pokémon games, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump APK Mod is a very easy to play and entertaining game. Join the game and you will come to a town where Magikarp is the most popular Pokémon. Here, people play Pokémon by jumping high instead of fighting normally. Join the game; you will have the task of caring and training Magikarp so that it can become stronger and jump higher than the other Pokémon.

Experience the game you will be instructed how to get a Magikarp; you will join the match of Pokémon is high jump. Thus, the game provides an indicator for the player as JP (Jump Power). The higher the score, the higher your Magikarp dances. Also, JP (Jump Power) is the experience to level up your Magikarp.

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Coaching and competing

Join the game you will own a Magikarp own. You will be responsible for caring, training and protecting it. The game will give you various items and functions to take care of Magikarp. After obtaining Magikarp, you will have to feed it frequently to increase the JP (Jump Power). In addition to feeding to increase the jump index, you also have to regularly train for Magikarp. Since coaching is the fastest way to increase the JP (Jump Power) and level it. After having fed and fully trained, you can bring Magikarp to compete with everyone in the town. Games have a rule that you have to do regularly is Feeding, Training and League Battles.

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In particular, the game also offers you shops, where you will be allowed to buy and upgrade items needed for your Magikarp. In the Feeding section, you can buy a variety of foods for Magikarp, and you can upgrade these items. After upgrading items, after each use of the jump higher index will be increased more. In the Training section, you will be able to purchase items that will aid the training of Magikarp. Jump Computer, Sandbag Slam, Dwebble Push, Timber, etc. Like Feeding, you are also allowed to upgrade training tools to help improve the JP (Jump Power) after each use.

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After completing the Feeding and Training, you will take it with everyone in the town with League Battles. Frequent use of Magikarp to play will help you know how powerful it is and if it is not strong enough, you will make reasonable changes to power up your Magikarp.


The game is very nice and impressive. The game uses the animation image technology is very nice and fun. The color of the game is very easy to see, so you do not tired eyes when playing the game after a long time. Also, the visual effect is fun when Magikarp greed, joining the match will make the player feel happy.

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You are a fan of Pokémon comic book, and you love Magikarp. Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is definitely an ideal experience for you. This is a fun game that is fun and suitable for all ages. Join the game, you will experience the most interesting things. If you want to experience the game, please click share at the bottom of my post.