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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: May 14, 2019

You are an adventurous lover, you want to participate in many exciting adventure journeys, so do you know Amelia Earhart? She was a famous woman of the 20th century and the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic. Would you like to join the adventurous journey with Amelia Earhart? Coming to Polynesia Adventure, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique adventures to new lands and meet with interesting characters. This is a very attractive role-playing game; you have the task of building a new world in new lands. The challenges of building and developing the city are waiting for you ahead, join right away with your friends through the link to share the end of the article.

Polynesia Adventure 2

Create your city in style

You will be taken to new lands in the search for Amelia Earhart. Here, you have the task of helping the people in the new lands to have a happier life. And in return, they will provide information and ways to find Amelia Earhart. Your economic development mission needs a reasonable and stable strategy. Building and creating a city is not easy. You perform many different construction jobs in each stage separately to develop stably.

Polynesia Adventure 3

Comprehensive development

Coming to the challenges of construction and economic development, you will be guided by Akamu. This character will give you basic instructions to familiarize yourself with the game. From there, you can create your development strategies. Players will start with basic tasks such as collecting fruits or cutting trees. Completing basic tasks, you are allowed to participate in more complex tasks. There are many undiscovered mysterious lands, and you have to perform many different tasks continuously to unlock new lands.

Polynesia Adventure for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In the first land you discover, you have the task of building a farm for economic development. Farm management is a familiar content, and there are lots of interesting jobs to do. You need to take care of and harvest the crops, expand the farm by raising more livestock. Besides, you have to build a warehouse to store the agricultural products that you have harvested. With harvested agricultural products, you can process and sell them to receive the bonus. With the prize money from the agricultural trade, you will have a stable economic resource to create a city.

Polynesia Adventure 5

To build a beautiful city, you need a lot of different bonuses and resources. In addition to farm management, players need to participate in mineral mining tasks or raw materials. After accumulating enough materials, you will start building the city. There are many buildings that need to be built, and you need to calculate the construction costs scientifically so as not to waste resources. Building a city and unlocking new areas allows you to go further and have the opportunity to move to many mysterious lands.

Polynesia Adventure 1


Polynesia Adventure is a building game familiar to everyone; it is suitable for all ages with healthy content. With construction tasks, you can create beautiful spaces with many beautiful buildings. Experience and conquer new lands with your creativity.