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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 26 MB
  • Date Updated: September 18, 2019

The simplicity of controlling the game along with many puzzles to complete, Popcorn Burst is an addictive game for everyone to enjoy in their spare time. They are designed with engaging content along with many different levels for people to complete. This game will bring you many interesting challenges for you to show your ability to think quickly. With more than 500,000 downloads from Googleplay in a short period after being released. SayGames producer promises to bring many new updated versions for everyone to relax.

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Popcorn Burst for iOS requires the player to fill up the prepared popcorn with buckets of popcorn to complete the mission. Besides, you are not allowed to drop too many popcorn out of the prepared bucket. To test the ingenuity and patience of the player, the manufacturer will prepare many types of buckets with different shapes and sizes for you to perform the task. Note, each bucket provided will be prepared a certain limit bar to help players know the need to load full of popcorn into the bucket. Take a close look at previously designed limit bars and obtain reasonable control maneuvers.

Popcorn Burst – Grab some popcorn!

To fill popcorn buckets with the popcorn, you have to touch and hold your hand repeatedly on the screen. Or you can perform multiple operations one-touch continuously. To stop, release your hand from the device’s screen. In addition to filling popcorn with buckets, you also have the task of collecting attractive rewards. If you want to collect the rewards, you have to fill the bucket with popcorn and let the popcorn touch the rewards. Each level will be arranged with many rewards for you to collect.

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Many levels to conquer

Along with the attractive missions are required, the game is also built on many levels for players to experience continuously. Each level will prepare the players for buckets that have their shape and size. The higher the level, the provided buckets will have a more elaborate shape. And requires players to have intelligent thinking to complete the challenge.

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The goal for you to complete the levels is to fill the buckets with popcorn and don’t let them fall out. Besides, you also have to collect three full stars on each level to achieve many outstanding achievements. If you complete the mission but drop the popcorn outside, you’ll get a star deducted. Falling more popcorn, the more stars you are deducted. Note, one of the minimum conditions for joining a new level is gaining a star. Therefore, you must have reasonable and accurate controls to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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Last comment

The simple content of Popcorn Burst allows it to be suitable for different ages and parents can easily entertain with young children. Also, the game’s theme color system is built diverse according to each level. From there, bring many new attractive images for players.