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In the outbreak of the first and second industrial revolutions. Large cities in Europe gradually appear tall and spectacular high-rise buildings. Up to now, all major cities own many high-rise buildings with different designs and shapes. So, have you ever thought of owning and managing your tall building?

Project Highrise2

Join Project Highrise now with the sharing link at the end of the article will help you own a beautiful high-rise building. Once you have an impressive and impressive building, you are responsible for managing and expanding your building. Managing a high-rise building with hundreds of different rooms will not be simple. Are you ready to become a rich and intelligent boss?

Project Highrise3

Manage a large building

Project Highrise for iOS will prepare unique challenges from simple to complex for everyone to explore. With building and owning a high-rise building for yourself, you need to have smart development plans. The game will give players a certain amount of capital and a small building with poor facilities. From there, you will have to repair your building and expand it in your way. Note, managing and building a high-rise building will take the time and patience of the player.

Project Highrise – Manage your skyscraper empire

The working style of a true boss

From the basic building you are provided to, you must have a smart business and building plans to accumulate bonuses. The accumulation of bonuses will help you expand and build new rooms for your building. First, you must repair the rooms to let others rent and collect bonuses. Repairing and letting others rent multiple rooms will help you get more bonuses. In particular, there are many different shops for you to rent in the early stages of the game (fast food, clothing stores, …).

Project Highrise4

After collecting the bonuses from the rental rooms, you can buy new building materials to expand your building. You can build according to new rooms to create different floors. Or you can build more tunnels to serve the purpose of storing vehicles in traffic. In general, building and expanding a building will not be simple. Therefore, you must have a scientific plan to develop and build rationally.

Project Highrise 1

Besides expanding and leasing offices to collect bonuses. You must also ensure a stable maintenance system for your building. Besides, you also need to design and build new rooms appropriately with all the necessary utilities to create comfort for users. From there, there will be more people renting rooms in your building and you have the opportunity to further expand your building according to various development plans.

Sophisticated design

Project Highrise has a gentle 2D graphics but still provides many attractive entertainment images for players. The image details and colors in the game are sophisticatedly designed. From there, bring true feelings and help players focus more on experience.