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  • Platforms: Android 2.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 18 MB
  • Date Updated: July 4, 2018

Boxing is a sport that many people love. This sport is a symbol of the strength and endurance of the people, Boxing matches are very dramatic and bring a lot of thrills to viewers. Punch Boxing 3D is one of the top Boxing games on mobile devices; the game is released by CanadaDroid. Players will have the opportunity to become a professional boxer in this game, you participate in the game attractive and prove yourself the most powerful boxer by winning many opponents. If you are a boxing enthusiast, download this game right away to experience the most dramatic battles.

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You will become a boxing champion in this game; your task is to join the big boxing tournament and become the champion. Each match is similar to a particular difficulty level; you will have to overcome the big opponents and achieve their goals. The gameplay is quite simple, you just use your finger and perform the swipe action on the screen of the device to control your character performing the attack.

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If you do not want to attack, your character will automatically defend against the attacks of the enemy. The most important thing to win a match is that you need to use your aggressive and defensive mechanisms to achieve the greatest effect. Also, a martial artist also needs to train hard to achieve the greatest strength. Train your character in training mode to increase his character’s various stats and make him stronger.

Punch Boxing 3D for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The rules of the game are simulated in real life, battles will take place in real time, and you can learn the rules of Boxing sport through this game. After completing the match, you will receive the bonus coming from the game. If you win, your bonus will be much higher, and you can use the money you earn to buy different types of equipment for your character. Punch Boxing 3D APK Mod features over 120 different costumes for the player to choose from, so buy the one you love best to equip your character and participate in the next battle.

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True graphics

Punch Boxing 3D Mod Money is very realistic 3D graphics design. Players will feel the attraction in this game from the first look. The design of the characters is very clear and detailed, the character’s action effects are simulated in real life to give the player a more realistic experience. The sound effects of the game are well designed and contribute to the success of this game.

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Punch Boxing 3D will be a top choice for boxing enthusiasts. They can satisfy their passions anytime with their mobile device. The dramatic match is waiting for you to join, you can become the strongest martial artist in this game?