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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: May 2, 2019

Purple Diver – Do you want to participate in diving competitions and create your outstanding achievements. Voodoo producer has prepared attractive diving dances with many unique images for you to relax. Coming to diving competitions, you must complete the required challenges correctly. These tasks are easy to implement but to achieve them you need a series of precise and careful control operations. This fun game will give people lots of beautiful and easy-to-see entertainment images. Thereby, you will get good and comfortable relaxation time.

Purple Diver 2

Simple game

Purple Diver for iOS will provide very simple goals for players; you must control the character and perform various diving moves to complete the challenges of the game. Each challenge will be performed at various heights and different locations in the city. These simple challenges will not require you to have much time to experience, and players can freely explore when there is a need. In particular, the tasks will have no time limit when executed. Therefore, you can freely experience and still be able to do many jobs at the same time.

Purple Diver 3

Attractive sport

As everyone knows, diving is a popular sport and is present at many famous sports conferences around the world such as Olympic. With this sport, accuracy is the key to winning. You must make scientific diving movements and carefully calculated to fulfill the requirements.

Purple Diver – Have diving fun!

In Purple Diver APK Mod, you will have to perform diving movements with many different goals in height and depth. The character will be taken to a certain height, and each challenge will have its depth requirements. Therefore, the player must meet these requirements to complete the task. The higher the jump in the position, the greater the required depth. And you only accomplish the challenges when you achieve the depth required by the game.

Diving movements

You will start with basic jumping movements at low distances of 1m from the ground. After completing the challenges at a low distance, the player will be taken to higher positions to continue performing the task. And the maximum height for you to perform the task is at a distance of 50m above the ground. After completing the basic diving at a distance of 50 meters above the ground, players will be challenged with new and more complex diving movements. Each diving movement will correspond to a particular level. So you have to cross many different heights to be able to participate in the next level.

Purple Diver 4

Watch carefully

Besides performing tasks at different heights, players also need to pay attention to the obstacles available at each level. The obstacles that you need to overcome are large circles and move continuously around the pool. If you observe badly during the mission, the character will collide with this circle and have an accident. After colliding with obstacles, you will have to perform the diving movement again. Also, you need to calculate carefully to avoid characters jumping away from the pool and falling to the ground.

Purple Diver 1


Purple Diver is very simple and fun; you just need to jump and complete the objectives to receive the bonus. This game brings new and unique challenges that many other games do not have. Jumping from high to the pool also brings a lot of excitement to everyone and creates a sense of entertainment.