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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $4.99
  • File size: 70 MB
  • Date Updated: September 14, 2019

If you’ve discovered fascinating endless running challenges, do you want to explore the unique endless race? Similar to the endless running challenges that have gained popularity globally. The endless races mentioned will bring you impressive and fun challenges. You will be involved in addictive races. Your task is to create many outstanding achievements and overcome the crazy obstacles that appear along the way.

ace the sun challenge 1

In RACE THE SUN, you must participate in a race without a stop. The challenge can only stop when you can not continue to experience or collide with obstacles. This race requires concentration and agile reflexes. Overall, the game has relatively easy to understand the gameplay, but it is difficult for you to achieve outstanding achievements.

Race The Sun for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Endless race

RACE THE SUN for iOS will bring you an endless race. You are provided with an interesting shaped aircraft and have to control this plane skillfully to be able to travel to the farthest distance. The further you travel, the more achievements you will gain. The game will create many different obstacles to prevent you. Flippfly, LLC manufacturer has prepared a crazy barricade system for you to overcome. These obstacles will be arranged messily, and you must pay close attention during the move to avoid them.

ace the sun challenge 2


Join the endless race; you need agile control to be able to create many high achievements. During the first period, your movement speed is relatively slow, and you can easily control. Besides, obstacles will appear on the way. However, the longer you move, the faster your movement speed will increase over time. From there, you have to focus and get a lot of good control to avoid the obstacles that appear along the way. At this time, the number of obstacles on the way will appear more with many different types. If you do not observe and control well, your aircraft will crash into obstacles.

ace the sun challenge 3

In addition to skillfully moving and avoiding obstacles, players also have to collect many interesting rewards. Like obstacles, rewards will be arranged at various locations along the way for you to collect. In particular, each reward will have a unique effect to help you overcome crazy obstacles and achieve high scores.

Friendly graphics

RACE THE SUN is designed with an imaging system that is not too prominent but still gives players many attractive images to relax. Scenery and obstacles are designed very diverse in stages. Each stage will give people each color and type of obstacles with different shapes. Changing the color of the landscape and providing a variety of obstacles will help players not bored. From there, everyone can relax for hours on end.