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  • Platforms: iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: January 22, 2019

You have too little time to relax, and games with complex requirements are not suitable for you. So the best option for you is the products released by Voodoo. Voodoo always offers products with simple and understandable content, but their gameplay is very addictive with many interesting activities. With the impressive design style above, Voodoo continues to release a new game called RADIAL. In this exciting game, you and everyone are responsible for ensuring the safety of the balloon before the game’s traps and obstacles. Gameplay is easy to play and suitable for those who have little time to relieve stress.

radial 2

Interesting request

RADIAL for Android brings gentle challenges but no less dramatic. The game will ask you to make sure the balloon will fly to the highest position to pass through many different levels. In each level will often appear different pitfalls and obstacles to prevent you from completing the task. You will have to control a black hole designed by the manufacturer; this black hole is responsible for destroying traps and obstacles along the way. You will have to control the black hole continuously to eliminate the hazards and quickly create safe paths for hot air balloons.

radial 3

Challenges and endless pitfalls

You have the opportunity to experience these exciting challenges with many other levels; each level will be arranged the number of different pitfalls and obstacles to help the experience not be boring. You will have to move the black hole and touch the obstacles to destroy them, ensuring safe passageways for the balloon to pass the levels. If you observe and move slowly, the balloon will be destroyed and you will have to play again.

RADIAL – Eat them all for Android/iOS

To overcome many levels, you need to carefully observe the pitfalls and obstacles. Do not focus too much on destroying all obstacles; you must carefully observe and prioritize the removal of hazards. There is no need to destroy them all, just pay close attention and eliminate the targets that prevent you from accomplishing the task. Destroying pitfalls and obstacles helps you get a high score, make sure the balloon is safe and create many good achievements with your talent.

radial 4

Images and sounds

RADIAL APK Mod has a good image quality with many beautiful details. Although the game’s image does not have much prominence, it has a smooth and stable movement. The game is designed with a variety of pitfalls and different obstacles that bring many interesting visual experiences. The details are displayed very simply but bring comfort. Also, the game also owns a good sound system with many unique background music. Sound and video systems arranged and combined harmoniously will bring addictive experiences for players to feel more interested in the game.

radial 1


RADIAL is the best option to relax if you are too busy with work and life. The game is suitable for many ages and can easily participate in many different locations. Join these challenges and introduce your friends to have a chance to experience this unique game.