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  • Date Updated: July 10, 2018

Current RPG games always follow different trends and give players a unique experience. Currently, the number of RPG games is increasing in the market and players do not know how to choose the most suitable game. Today, we will bring you a new RPG game called RAID: Shadow Legends released by Plarium Global Ltd. This RPG game features turn-based gameplay and a fascinating storyline. The game promises to bring players the unique experience.

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Teleria fight

Teleria is a land of imaginary worlds in this game. This land is very peaceful, and without war for many years, the different tribes here are very happy. The return of the ancient forces is gradually breaking the peace of this land, the risk of a fierce war is gradually appearing. The strongest heroes of the tribes have joined together to form a mighty alliance and together defeat the ancient forces to bring peace to the land of Teleria.

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The battle is fierce

In this world, you need to fight to bring peace. Thus, you will become a leader and commander of heroes in the mighty coalition against the ancient forces. Like traditional RPGs, players will have to participate in a new player training mode in a fantasy battle. Training mode will show you how to control your characters and use some simple features of the game.

raid shadow legends 4

After you have completed the plot-based battle, you will continue to learn about other features of this game, and you can master it. Next, you will start with two characters and participate in different battles based on the storyline of the game to be able to become stronger. Winning these battles will bring you new heroes, bonuses, and precious items. Players can use these rewards to upgrade their character and get a stronger team.

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Multiplayer mode

An RPG game cannot be lacking in two basic modes: Boss Fight and PvP Arena. In Boss Fight mode, you will have to fight with bosses that are very powerful and scary. But your reward for winning these bosses will be great, and this mode will always attract players because of the great challenge that it brings. PvP Arena will be the playground for players to show their strategic ability. You will be engaging in real-time battles that are highly engaging with other players around the globe. Try to be a good player to get your name on the board and get lots of exciting rewards coming from the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

RAID: Shadow Legends Mod APK has a nice and realistic 3D graphics design. The characters and skill effects in battle are displayed very clearly and crisp. The sound of the game is well-designed by the manufacturer to bring the most dramatic and realistic battles to the player.

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RAID: Shadow Legends is a turn-based RPG game released recently. But this game has received a lot of positive reviews from the players, and they all love it. You will enjoy this game from the very first look. To experience it, you can use the links that we listed at the bottom of the article.